Accurate feeding
    saves you money...

    Feeding Equipment1

    Higher production
    & improved
    performance with
    less effort!

    Feeding Equipment2

    Precision Feeding...
    Smart Technology!

    Feeding Equipment3

    Optimise milk yield
    while saving money!


    Feeding equipment

    • In Parlor Automatic Feeders

      A very precise and convenient way to feed cows in the parlor. It has been proven to increase cow flow and decrease milking time.

    • Batch Feeders
      Batch Feeders Thumbnail

      This is a smart and economical means of feeding cows in the parlor. This feeding system is suitable for most parlor types.

    • Out of Parlor Feeders

      Optimise milk yield and herd health while reducing feed costs. Avoid over feeding by feeding to the individual cows requirements.

    • Dry Cow Feeding System

      The formula for healthy cows during the dry period. Find out more here!

    • FeedMax System
      FeedMax System

      Keep feed pushed up to animals on a pre-programmed schedule.

    • Feeding Management

      Feed can be calculated easily and dispensed automatically using the Milk Manager Software.


    Your number one management tool!

    The Dairymaster FeedRite feeding systems are an excellent means of accurately dispensing feed both in the parlor and out of parlor. They offer a convenient and controlled method of catering to your herds nutritional requirements.

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