Increase your profit by feeding correctly with Dairymaster In Parlour Feeders. Each cow is fed to her specific needs ensuring she can perform to the best of her ability.

Reduce labour and speed up milking time…

Automatic feeders remove the back breaking work of hauling and lifting feed manually and dramatically reduces the overall milking time.
They are easy to install and operate and are virtually maintenance free.

In Parlour Feeders

“I can choose to feed as low as 0.2 of a kilo which I find great. I feed to yield in the cold weather months and I have definitely seen an increase in the number of litres from my animals each day. The system is easy to use and all I need is at a touch of a button. ”
Kevin Farrell, Grantstown, Kilfeacle, Co. Tipperary.

Faster cow loading

With Dairymaster appetiser feeding as each cow enters the parlour a small amount of feed is dispensed which encourages fast loading. When the unit is being attached the remainder of her allocated feed is dispensed, this usually results in a more content cow when the cluster is attached. Scientific trials have also shown higher levels of oxytocin are present when cows are fed during milking.

For her to perform, feed her right…

Feeding each cow to yield can be done very easily – the computer works it all out for you. This results in more milk and better performance from each cow as they are fed on their individual energy demand. As feed is tailored to each cow’s specific needs there is less cost as feed isn’t being wasted.

Accurate feeding – saving you money…

The Dairymaster feeder is extremely accurate and very precise and can feed as low as 0.2 kg. This accuracy means that you can control exactly what you feed to each cow giving you a better return.

Importance of correct nutrition…

On a dairy farm, correct nutrition is key for optimal herd health management and maximum production. A balanced diet helps to maintain energy levels in the cow. Correct nutrition helps to regulate a cow’s energy balance before and after calving when she needs it most. Feeding on nutritional demands after calving decreases risk of ketosis, acidosis and improves reproductive health.

Best built feeder in the world…

Dairymaster In Parlour feeders are built for a long life and are completely corrosion resistant. Due to its completely enclosed design dust is minimised and rodents are prevented from entering easily.

I am winter and spring calving so I couldn’t recommend this system highly enough for anyone with a split calving herd, I only wish I had it 5 years ago. I would recommend Dairymaster because of the quality of the product and the overall service which is fantastic. The In-Parlour Feeders and Feeding to Yield system have paid for itself.
Enda Jordan
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Reduce workload
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