The ultimate herd management tool!

Stay informed…we will do the work for you.

Accuracy is everything!!!

Accuracy is everything!!!

Accurate heat detection is not only dependent on the best detection rates, but also on the number of false positives. Less false positives means less straws wasted. We pride ourselves with the lowest false positive rates for heat detection on the market!

As well as herd management

The MooMonitor+ is a very accurate health and fertility monitor. It detects heats with ease and can help spot sick cows sooner. The two way app helps farmers to monitor their entire herd from their smartphone

The ultimate herd management tool
More cows pregnant sooner

More cows pregnant sooner

More information around heat events will allow you to make more informed decisions on what is the best time to inseminate. Getting the timing right allows for higher conception and pregnancy rates.

I would say we are missing zero heats & even using less straws, the precise timing of an onset of heat is incredible. I have all my cows information on my phone & it has saved me at least 3 hours a day. It observes heats 24x7 & also notifies me of cows that are not well. I have also seen a decrease in culling from last year. The MooMonitor+ has been a fantastic investment.
James O' Dwyer
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MooMonitor+ helps you spot sick cows sooner

Spot sick cows sooner

Sick animals typically show lower rumination levels and higher resting time compared to healthy animals. The MooMonitor+ continuously monitors cows 24×7  allowing you to spot sick animals sooner.

We adjust to your style…

Being a standalone system, the MooMonitor+ is easily integrated in any type of production style a farmer would like. Currently the MooMonitor+ is being used in grass-based farms, indoors, freestalls and tiestalls.

Seamlessly integrated - making life easier
Making better more informed decisions

Making more informed decisions

The MooMonitor+ takes the hassle out of daily management decisions. Easy to understand information is always at hand and decisions for insemination or drafting can be made on the spot without delay.

Easily identify outliers

The group analysis functionality helps the farmer to monitor the behaviour and performance of his herd. Individual animal behaviour can be compared to the herd or to the members of their own lactation group. In this way a farmer can easily spot outliers.

Dairymaster Easily identify outliers
Return on Investment

Quick return on investment

By using MooMonitor+ you can improve calving interval as well as number of services, reduce labour and improve overall pregnancy rates. Many of our customers see their investment returned easily within 2 years.

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