Cows are gently urged to the milking parlour ensuring good cow flow and a pleasant milking experience for both the operator and the cows.

Major labour saving device

This gate greatly reduces workload – it enhances cow flow to the parlour as well
as cleaning the yard!

Customised to your requirements

Scraper backing gates can be manufactured in varying sizes for individual collecting yards.

Reducing the heavy workload

This robust design is ready to alleviate you from the job of cleaning the collection yard after milking. When milking you can be rest assured to stay in the pit while the backing scraper will take care of the cows in the collection yard for you.

The intelligent gate!

An innovative and intelligent feature available is Dairymaster’s auto advance. Where Dairymaster Auto ID is installed, auto advance can automatically advance the backing gate after a pre-determined number of cows have entered the parlour – removing the need for the operator to push any buttons and thereby saving time.

Key features and benefits:

  • Ensures good cow flow.
  • Labour saving – does two jobs.
  • Yard can be cleaned when the backing gate is moving in either a forward or reverse direction.
  • Can be customised to suit almost any collecting yard or customer requirements.
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on Dairymaster Scrapers

Emmet Prendergast talks about his Dairymaster Scraper System...

It keeps the cows flowing and also acts as a scraper. It cleans the whole yard when milking is finished.
Emmet Prendergast


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