The Dairymaster Batch Feeding System is a very economical means of feeding cows in the milking parlour. It is a strong, robust, low maintenance system installed on an auger and is suitable for all sizes of milking parlours.

Dairymaster batch feeder auger

Take the backache out of feeding!

Dairymaster’s Batch Feeder system is our entry level to in-parlour feeding. With one touch on the button you can feed the entire row of cows without the physical labour.

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Why use Dairymaster
Batch Feeders...

Large capacity
The see through hopper has a large capacity of up to 4 kgs. Quantity of feed dispensed can be easily adjusted. Variable amounts of feed, small to large.

Easily adjust feeding amounts!
The filling level of all Batch Feeders can be easily adjusted.

Pneumatic feed valve
The pneumatic feed valve allows each feeder to receive the right feed quantity.

Suitable for most parlour types
This feeder has been designed so that it can be easily installed in most parlour types.

Excellent labour saving device
The batch feeder has been designed to ensure a long life and very low maintenance.

Air operated
This is an air operated feeder, this removes the effort of pulling ropes or levers.

The Dairymaster Batch Feeders are great. Initially I had priced other companies but I was so impressed with the Dairymaster Feeders that all I had to do was press a button and the feed would drop into the trough. Also, the stainless steel finish of the Swiftflo Mangers looks exceptionally well.
Patrick Crotty

Strong, robust, low maintenance system

  • Low cost system.
  • Variable feed amounts allowable.
  • Accurate Feeding.
  • Small to large amounts can be administered with ease.
  • All feed drops at once.
  • One action lever control in pit to feed cows.
  • Corrosion free.

How big is a scoop?

Be more consistent with your feeding. Dairymaster Batch Feeders feed equivalent amounts to each cow in the parlour.

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