Dairymaster AutoDrafting is a cow sorting system which is unrivalled in terms of performance and build quality. It is available in a choice of 2-way and 3-way drafting which may be combined when more segregation options are required.

Would you like a convenient,
efficient way to segregate cows?

The route for individual cows can either be selected from the parlour pit using the milk controller unit keypad. 
It can be programmed before milking on the parlour PC or cows can be drafted directly from your mobile cell phone using Farm Messenger or MooMonitor+ App.

Standalone or Integrated?

We have the system for you. Ultimate cow control, the system works so you don’t have to!

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Standalone AutoDrafting/Sorting

Convenient means of isolating cows without the need for a PC.

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Integrated AutoDrafting/Sorting

Easy to work with…conveniently integrated with parlour or MooMonitor+ system.

“DraftNow” allows for a smarter and safer farm…

DraftNow is a standalone drafting system that includes a new software programme and mobile app which has extra functionality and lots of benefits. It is a system that allows you to easily sort your cows remotely if necessary. It can be installed on farms with or without Dairymaster’s auto identification system and is suitable with other makes of parlours that want a reliable drafting system.

Automated drafting saves you time…

Dairymaster’s AutoDrafting are very suitable for any type of farm where reduced labour is required. With AutoDrafting you can go on milking while cows are being automatically sorted. This allows the operator to stay in the pit streamlining the milking process. 

Veterinary visit? No problem!

Cows can be pre-programmed to draft for any number of reasons. For example, if a number of cows need to be segregated for a veterinarian visit then the operator can program the computer to draft the identified cows to a holding pen or crush for the visit.

Farmer talks about his drafting system...

I have a Dairymaster 3-way Integrated Drafting System installed. I have 120 cows and it is now so easy to separate them for various things such as AI or the vet. I can select which cows are to be drafted from the parlour pit just by pressing a button or I can pre-programme before milking if I want to. Being able to programme in advance is a great benefit for me especially if I’m not milking at the weekend. This system is very robust and I would be lost without it.
Richard Jackson

Less stress in cows

Drafting allows for a more natural cow flow. Cows walk up at their own pace and are being gently directed which way to go. Using the Dairymaster drafting systems reduces the need for animal handling which will result in calmer cows and improved animal welfare on farm. 

Better management decisions

Our AutoDrafting provides the farmer or herd manager with a high level of control over the herd. The system can also incorporate automatic weighing allowing you to get more information on your cows at the touch of a button.

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