The Dairymaster Milk Manager is a powerful parlour management solution which controls and communicates with automation to provide you with instant parlour information whenever you need it.

User-friendly intelligent software

Milk Manager is the control centre for parlour automation and is an invaluable resource
used to control and analyse the processes at work within your parlour.

Dairymaster milk manager control centre for parlour automation CD

Controls and monitors each individual

During the entire milking process our management software controls and monitors each individual cow as she is being milked. Milk yields, milking durations and flow rates are among the vast analytical data which are captured and stored during each milking. These in turn may be reviewed or analysed at any time within the Dairymaster Milk Manager.

Information is there, where you need it…

At the heart of our parlour management software is our AutoID system. As soon as a cow is identified the milk manager system retrieves that cows records and can regulate feeding, voice messages, information and warnings to be given to the farmer when he needs most during milking. 

Heat information integration…

Controlling and monitoring your entire milking process with ease while staying on top of excellent herd management is essential in today’s farm environment! The Dairymaster Milk Manager, VoiceAssist, AutoDraft and MooMonitor system all work hand in hand to provide the operator with timely heat information and automatic cow segregation. 

Working together..

Segregation of cows is also easily achieved from the user interface of the Milk Manager. Cows may be effortlessly separated using our Integrated AutoDrafting system with various options available to permanently segregate or periodically segregate over a specified time frame.

The milk manager system had paid and is paying for my milking parlour, I'm very happy with what I have achieved through the milk manager system, drafting , feeding, monitoring of milk yields, a big plus is with the depressed yield which will come out on the audio in the parlour , when rushing all these things are a massive help.
Seamus Curran
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