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Milking the way nature intended

Milking the way nature intended

Like a suckling calf we apply high vaccuum during the milking phase and low vacuum during the resting phase. Just like nature intended.

Milks all teats simultaneously

Dairymaster milks 4×0. This means all four teats are milked and rested at the same time. Our unique way of milking is different to anything else currently used on the market and ensures for faster, more complete milking.

Different to anything else on the market
more milk better milk out

It stays on…

Dairymaster liners play a key role in our milking technology. Our liners are well designed, scientifically tested and have the lowest slippage rates on the market.

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Excellent milkout…

As cows are more relaxed during milking, oxytocin release is greater resulting in fuller milkout with up to 5% more yield from the same cows!

Dairymaster milk out cows
Better Udder Health

Faster milking…

Dairymaster parlours are proven to typically milk out cows 1 minute faster. This can reduce the number of pulsations by up to 36,000 per lactation. This is better for udder health and helps make your equipment last longer.

Udder health is money in your pocket

Cows with healthier teats can produce higher quality milk. Lower vacuum in the rest phase keeps teats healthier and are less prone to teat end damage. Ultimately, this results in higher bonuses.

Udder health is money in your pocket
The biggest change and difference I’ve seen is the fact that the cows seem a lot more relaxed. The let-down is a lot quicker, it’s quite clear to see. My yield has gone up, it’s unbelievable because we haven’t changed any ration, the rations have stayed the same. I would also say we are milking 30 mins per shift quicker now to what we were. It’s a joy to milk in the parlour.

Increase operator comfort

Better milking environment improves operator comfort. With our Comfort+ floor operator ergonomy has literally reached a new level. By automatically adjusting floor height you can milk in the position and at a height which suits you best. Better for your back and your posture.

Increase operator satisfaction.
Dairymaster Rotary Milking Parlour

Cleaner, faster and more efficient milking

The ACR automatically removes the cluster when the cow is fully milked preventing blind milking. Swiftflo bailing is for farmers who want to continue milking while switching groups making the process more efficient. ClusterCleanse can significantly reduce cell count allowing milk of the highest quality.

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See other farmers stories...
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