The Swiftflo Goat Rotary has been designed to give optimum operator and goat comfort. Its unique robotic carriage allows one operator to milk up to 1,300 goats per hour. It is suitable for herd sizes of 500 goats or more.

Experience the Difference…

You walk into the parlour and adjust the position of the Comfort+ floor
to ensure you are at a comfortable working height.

Extremely fast loading…

Goats eagerly enter the rotary platform. Each goat has her own bail and is head locked into position.
The adjustable flow entry gate allows you to milk at the speed you want to.

Nutrition is key to maximise production…

Each goat is fed a specific amount on entry to the bail. Feeding in the parlour increases milk yields which in turn means more profit…

Unique robotic carriage…

Teat cups are conveniently located directly under the goat’s teats in a robotic carriage in the platform of the rotary.

One touch to get going…

On lifting the teat cups the system is automatically activated and the milking unit is started making milking very easy. This smart technology also opens the robotic carriage on the next unit to allow for quicker milking.

Cluster Attachment rate of 2.5 seconds…

Optimum udder presentation speeds up cluster attachment enabling the operator to milk with ease, speed and a minimum of stress.

Dairymaster Goat Cluster Attachment
Dairymaster Cluster Cleanse Teat Sprayer Goat Rotary

Work smarter…

Once milking is completed the cluster is automatically removed from the goat, the teat sprayer will then intelligently spray the udder with a teat disinfectant saving you time and effort. The cluster is then automatically sanitised using ClusterCleanse ensuring a clean cluster for the next goat.

Conveniently stored…

When milking is finished teat cups are automatically folded and placed within the robotic carriage within the platform. This keeps equipment clean and safe. 

Draft with a single touch…

If a goat requires further attention simply flick a lever under her bail and she will be drafted to a separate area.

Motivation for good goat flow…

If a goat is enjoying her trip on the rotary too much and forgets to exit she can be gently encouraged to do so at the touch of a button with our goat motivator.

Cleaning made easy…

Dairymaster Smart System
Smart System
The smart system puts the teat cups onto the jetters automatically for washing saving you time and effort.
Dairymaster wash boom
wash boom
The rotating wash boom means no long hoses to drag around or trip over meaning cleaning has never been easier and is much faster.
Dairymaster Autowasher
Plant washing is controlled by the AutoWasher which ensures consistent cleaning is achieved on a daily basis.
The most unique feature of a Dairymaster parlour is the way the cluster is presented. It is always in the same position, you don’t have to think about it. A new goat arrives in front of you and the cluster is there and because of this system you gain a lot of attachment time.
John Haarman
eurotier gold medel winner

Award winning

Eurotier the worlds leading trade fair for animal production recognised the innovative design of our goat rotary and it was awarded a gold medal for innovation.

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See other farmers stories...
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