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dairymaster rotary parlour

The farm of the future…

In our designs we take future growth into consideration which allows you to build your parlour now and add on easily in the future.

Choose the parlour that suits your needs

Technology and innovation are areas where Dairymaster excel in. When thinking about a new parlour we can implement your favourite ideas into a workable design in which both operator and cow comfort are top priority.

Choose the parlour that suits your needs
Dairymaster Decrease labour. Increase returns

Decrease labour…Increase returns

Dairymaster parlours are designed so that they are easy to work with and have minimum slippage rates meaning you can minimise extra labour for reattaching clusters. Our parlours milk out faster and more efficiently which will ultimately result in higher revenue per litre of milk.

I decided to install a 20 unit Dairymaster parlour as they are seen to be innovators in dairying. I am really impressed that it only takes me 40 minutes to milk my herd of 80 cows. My herds SCC is 130,000. The parlour was competitively priced compared to others on the market. I know I will have good options available to me in the future.
Brian Rushe
Increase quality of life

Increase quality of life

With a Dairymaster parlour milking can be performed in the allotted time frame. With less effort put into the milking process, quality of life increases and additional time can be spent with family and friends.

Milking made easy

Including technology and innovation in our designs has allowed us to automate the milking parlour to its prime. Fully automated bailing, ACR’s and drafting are just the tip of the iceberg. Automation in the parlour allows for a better milking experience with less strain on the operator.

Dairymaster Milking made easy
always an option

Whatever spec you want - we have it...

When purchasing a parlour you can be assured that with Dairymaster there is plenty of choice. From the most basic entry level parlour all the way up to a high spec facility, we have it all available for you.

Dairymaster Top technology for less

Top technology for an easier life

At Dairymaster we guarantee to always come up with the best possible solution for your requirements and for your farm.

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