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The quality of the milking plant has a major influence on the health of cows and subsequently on profit. Dairymaster have a comprehensive service and maintenance program carried out by skilled professionals which is vital to ensure that your milking equipment performs at its best.

Protect Your Investment
Dairymaster Service you can rely on

Service you can rely on

Regularly servicing your equipment will give the best performance and extend the operating life of your equipment. All Dairymaster equipment is designed and manufactured to last, however, even the best made products need to be serviced regularly.

Longer life

Our service teams in Ireland, UK and the USA as well as many distributors and dealers worldwide complete rigorous training programmes internally and externally in the market place. These courses cover topics such as animal health, mastitis control, milk quality, parlour testing and more. Our staff can advise you of best practice on your farm in order to maximise profits.

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The strength of the equipment is very good and the service was very good. And service was very important to me. Everything was done and dusted very efficiently and very quickly. It was all done to help us.
Dave Stewart, UK
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