Feed is one of the main inputs on farm, it is of utmost importance to use feed efficiently and effectively. Feed amounts may be calculated based on user defined feed levels, feeding to yield, body weights or stage in lactation.

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Technology in control…

With Dairymaster feed manager cows’ feed management is taken care of. Only one time entry of chosen feed amounts per yield is necessary for a stressfree season of feeding. 

Interested in saving money on your farm?

Dairymaster’s Feed Management does not only make feeding to yield possible, it makes it easy as well. In order for cows to perform to their potential you need to feed them right! Output can be optimised by feeding the higher yielding cows a little more while at the same time feeding the lower yielders less. When cows are being fed according to their performance, feed cost per litre goes down saving you money.

Maximise your cow’s output!

Especially in the first few weeks after calving it is of paramount importance to ease cows into eating larger volumes of concentrates. When done correctly you will have an animal performing at her prime while maintaining optimum rumen health. Dairymaster Feed Manager ensures that automatic feeding after calving is introduced slowly, making sure the best rumen health standards are observed at all times.

At this present time the Milk Manager system is actually paying for the milking parlour. That is how much ration we are saving per month!
Seamus Curran
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Reduce workload on the farm
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