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Dairymaster Milking

Get more milk from the same cows!

  • Studies show 5% more yield
  • Natural Milking
  • Excellent Milk Out
  • Low Liner Slip

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Dairymaster Feeding

Optimise milk yield while saving money!

  • Accurate feeding
  • For her to perform feed her right
  • Get more milk from less feed
  • More control with less labour

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Dairymaster Cooling

The milk tank of the future!

  • Better & quicker wash system!
  • Instant communication with your tank
  • Unique control

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Automatic Scraper System

Dairymaster Scrapers

The original and technically superior automatic scraper system

  • Thousands of kilometers of track installed worldwide!
  • Unequalled standards of reliability and adaptability
  • Labour saving solution

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health and fertility monitoring moomonitor

Health & Fertility

The ultimate herd management tool

  • Achieve more compact calving
  • Increase your yield!
  • Benefit from more free time
  • Increase down time and profits

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