Reduce milk cooling costs

See how we can reduce your electricity bills!

Slash milk cooling costs

Dairymaster’s smart cooling technology allows for more energy efficient cooling. In recent trials the heat loss in a 24 hour period was less than half a degree. This keeps the milk cool even if there was a power cut.

Smart control for confidence in your tank…
Faster, cleaner washing

Faster, cleaner washing

Dairymaster has optimised the normal washing cycles of a tank. New technologies from Pharmaceutical Grade testing allows for a cleaner environment to store milk. The powerful, high capacity wash pump ensures a quicker wash all at the touch of a button.

Know what’s happening with your tank

All information related to the tank can be viewed at a glance on the intuitive dashboard screen. It can be monitored and controlled from anywhere in the world 24x7x365.

Know what's happening with your tank

See what smart cooling can do for your farm..

The smarter way to communicate...

The smarter way to communicate…

The farmer can instantly see all data in relation to their own tank at a glance. All information can be viewed remotely so the farmer can focus on other farm tasks. The tanks will react to any command received from the App and can send alerts to the farmer.

Cut water heating costs while cooling

During the milk cooling process a lot of heat is generated, However this is often wasted on most farms. Dairymaster’s smart cooling technology captures the heat that is normally wasted and uses it to heat water up to a  temperature of 55°C.

Dairymaster swiftcool duo water
The Dairymaster SwiftCool tank is definitely energy efficient, it has helped reduce my energy bill by a 1/3. The night mode feature allows me to cool the milk by night which saves me time and money.
Shane Dee
Duo or don't - The cost of wasted heat.

Duo or don’t – The cost of wasted heat

With the SwiftCool Duo heat recovery system you can potentially save over €1000 per year when using 300L water per day. The system is easy to retrofit and recovers up to six times more heat than conventional heat recovery systems.

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