Dairymaster Feeding Overview


Lower feeding cost while achieving better results!

Our expertise

Dairymaster’s feeding systems offer a convenient and controlled method of catering for each
cow’s nutritional requirements saving you time and money.

Dairymaster In Parlour Automatic Feeders

In Parlour Automatic Feeders

For her to perform, feed her right!

  • Same feed…more profit.
  • Treat each cow an individual.
  • Nutrition is key to performance.

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Dairymaster Batch Feeders

Batch Feeders

Air operated for effortless feeding!

  • Manually adjust feed amounts in the milking pit.
  • Strong, robust, low maintenance.
  • Supports milk production.

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Dairymaster Out of Parlour Feeders

Out of Parlour Feeders

Individual nutrition for every cow in the herd...

  • Maintain herd health.
  • Individual feed plan for each cow.
  • Comfortable, convenient and efficient.

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Dairymaster Feedmax System

Feedmax System

Increase feed intake… boost yields!

  • Encourages cows to feed more often.
  • Maximise production, minimise labour.
  • No feed to waste…

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Dairymaster Feeding Management

Feeding Management

Technology in control…

  • Take the labour out of feeding.
  • Easily adjust feed amounts…
  • Accurate feeding saves money.

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Dairymaster Research and Innovation

Research and Innovation

Building better products!

  • Innovation is our passion.
  • Research which leads to better performance…
  • Leading the way with innovative technologies.

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