The Dairymaster parlour design language is based on a philosophy that all systems and product solutions should be robust, user friendly and reliable, to promote “Cow comfort” and the well-being of the end user. This gives them complete confidence in their dairy production.

Cow centered design…

Operator and cow comfort are of paramount importance and all Dairymaster parlour designs reflect this requirement.
We work to configure the best cow comfort, cow flow, operator comfort, shed layout and pathways from the
simplest to the most complex of parlour plans.

Building blocks for farm security…

When designing a facility bio-security is our top priority, therefore we examine all options for milk transport,
manure handling and all other traffic.

Dairymaster makes the design process easier

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Our concentration is always on future possibilities…

Dairymaster ensures to provide the customer with ideas on design and sample drawings before working to construct a parlour drawing customised to the farmer’s new or existing buildings and facilities. Our designs are different from anything else in the market using the newest most reliable technologies to best suit your farm.

Meeting customers’ needs in every aspect of their investment…

Our design department works closely with customers all over the world to tailor the design of the parlour to their specifications. Dairymaster provide a full set of drawings which are designed to specifically suit your farm and give you the best solution for your project. Our team provide expert advice ensuring you get the best layout for your farm.

Plan for the future…

Building layout is an important aspect of any milking facility or housing complex. Overall efficiency can be enhanced by optimum parlour and building layout. In addition, cleaning costs can be reduced and cow flow improved dramatically by implementing best design practices. It is very important when planning your parlour to take into consideration future expansion.

We had a lot of sit down talks about where everything was going. Basically we were planning the entire dairy. Where the milk pumps would go in. There was a lot of involvement. But there was a basic plan since we knew the size of the building. The parlour was chosen before I ordered the building.
Dave Stewart, UK
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