Want to reduce your feed bill?

More milk & more profit with less waste!

Dairymaster More milk from the same cows

Maximise profits on your farm…

Feeding to yield allows for each cow to perform better. Many customers around the world are getting more milk from the same cows while significantly reducing feed bills. 

Improve BCS with precision feeding

Feeding the right amounts to your cows is key for optimal performance and keeping your cows healthy. Dairymaster’s precision feeders can be set to a cow’s individual needs allowing you to keep her BCS at a prime level for production.

Dairymaster body condition score
Dairymaster Feed Manager

Individual feed plans

The easy to use feed management software allows farmers to automatically calculate individual feed plans. Farmers can reward high yielding cows and prevent feed wastage on the lower yielders, streamlining the milking process.

Accurate feeding for all round profits

A well-balanced diet keeps cows healthier and more fertile. Feeding to yield will express itself in better production and lower vet bills.

Dairymaster Accurate feeding for all round profits
Dairymaster OptiFeeder

Dairymaster has a solution for you…

All our feeders are purpose built. So it doesn’t matter whether you need an entry level feeder, in-parlour feeders, a feed pusher or an out-of-parlour feeder.

I use the feeding to yield system and have seen an increase of 10% in yield and a huge reduction in my feed bill. My herd average is 1800 gallons but since using this system it has hit 2000 gallons. 3% of my herd are yielding 50 litres and 15% are yielding over 45 litres, it’s fantastic.
Enda Jordan
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