Upgrading your parlour can save you time and money

Different options to suit your needs. 

Upgrading your parlour has never been so simple…

All Dairymaster’s technology is compatible and works in harmony with each other and our systems are easily upgraded. It is just a case of choose, order and install. Our experienced staff are always available to discuss the best option to suit your needs.

Dairymaster Take the hassle out of upgrading
Dairymaster milking without limits

Milking without limits

With Dairymaster there are no limits on what to add to your parlour. If you wish to add more automation you have multiple options from ACR’s to Voice Assist to automated bailing to Dairymaster’s Swiftflo Commander which can control all of the technologies and gives you the right information when you need it, during milking. It is all there and ready to be added.

Dairymaster retrofitting solutions

Is your parlour not performing how you want it to? You can now convert your milking system to a Dairymaster system to achieve quicker milking, healthier cows, more milk with less labour.

Dairymaster retrofitting solutions
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Turn your parlour dreams into reality…

Get our 7 steps to consider when purchasing a new parlour
Dairymaster Reduce running costs & maximise profits

Reduce running costs & maximise profits

When you upgrade your Dairymaster parlour you can implement the newest cost-saving technologies. As our products become more and more energy efficient this will benefit you in the long run saving you money.

We upgraded our existing parlour to a 16 unit Dairymaster Swiftflo Swing. We chose Dairymaster because they are reliable, offer a great range of products and a great service.
James Shine

Happier cows give more milk

When upgrading your parlour we focus on optimising cow comfort and welfare. The happier a cow, the more relaxed she will be milking and the more milk she will give.

Dairymaster Happier Cows give more milk
Revolutionise your business

Revolutionise your business!

Adding various levels of automation to your parlour will ensure that your farm is ready for the future.  

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Reduce workload on the farm
Dairymaster's ManureScraper options
Dairymaster CoolControl Milk Tank
ReduceEnergy Costs