Swiftflo Commander Wins At The Cream Awards!


    Dairymaster is cream of the crop at UK Cream Awards for the 2nd year running – this year for its next generation Swiftflo Commander!

    You’re in command with the Swiftflo Commander!

    As farms are getting larger there is less time for individual animal attention. During milking having access to the right information at the right time is essential. The Swiftflo Commander is the new brain of the milking parlour, controlling everything to do with milking, feeding and animal health. It offers a new level of intelligence that takes command of each milking unit within the parlour. Last night, Dairymaster impressed the judging panel at the Farm Business Cream Awards at the National Birmingham Motor Cycle Museum in the UK for the 2nd year running, this time with its Swiftflo Commander, winning the “Overall Product Innovation Award”.

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    MooMonitor+ App wins Best New Product Award at UK Dairy Day!


    NEW MooMonitor+ App wins Best New Product Innovation Award at UK Dairy Day

    Putting the power of Herd Management in your hands, while eliminating hours of paperwork on the farm…

    The latest App from Dairymaster – the MooMonitor+ is the newest stage in the evolution of Dairymaster’s ground-breaking MooMonitor+ health and fertility monitoring system. This cutting edge technology has been honoured at UK Dairy Day as the Best New Product Innovation Award today in Telford, Shropshire. This App works in tandem with the MooMonitor+ collar, and no matter how big the farmer’s herd is this App has the power to identify animals that need their attention, anytime, anywhere. The visual picture of their herd allows them to easily identify cows when they are in heat, ill or simply not thriving.

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    Con & Ann O’ Donoghue’s Open Day, Killarney

    Make sure to join us for what promises to be an exciting day!

    Con O'Donoghue Open Day

    Insight Dairy Open House, Little Falls, NY, USA

    We are really looking forward to hosting an Open House at Insight Dairy, LLC, Little Falls, New York on July 28th! Exciting speakers, milking demonstration and lots more. For more information, see below. All welcome!
    Open Day Poster

    Dairymaster Founder Ned Harty Honoured with Prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award at the Farmer of the Year Awards

    On Friday night last Mr Ned Harty, founder of Kerry based, globally focused hi-tech dairy manufacturing company Dairymaster was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Farmer of the Year Awards in Dublin’s Ballsbridge Hotel.

    Speaking at the awards ceremony, Ned Harty said; “I am truly humbled to achieve this award. Dairymaster has been my lifelong passion and I am very proud of what the company has become today. Ireland has rightly secured a global reputation for excellence in the agri food sector.

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    Data gathering to revolutionise agricultural industry

    The Chief Executive Officer of a major Irish dairy company has told international agricultural delegates that there is a need for the incorporation of more technology into the farming industry.

    Dr Edmond Harty, CEO of Dairymaster told the Nuffield Contemporary Scholars Conference taking place in Cavan, that the increased use of technology will assist farmers to meet challenges they are currently facing.


    “The reality of milk prices and volatility can be dealt with by adopting the resources that are available to other industries,” according to Dr Harty. “Data gathering and analytics has revolutionised many industries and is now turning the agricultural industry on its head,” he said.

    The CEO of the Irish agri tech company said that there is now an opportunity with the removal of milk quotas and the demand for increased efficiencies to harness the power of data. “It is all about taking action on accurate information. In terms of milk quality a 100 cow farm has the opportunity to realise €18,000 per annum if they act upon the data is available to them.”

    The Nuffield conference is a major international agricultural conference with over 80 international agricultural experts taking place in Cavan this week. It features experts from Ireland, UK, Australia, NZ, Canada, France and the Netherlands, as well as international scholars from Brazil, India, China and Mozambique.


    The 80 delegates, receive an international scholarship from Nuffield International, a leading agricultural scholarship program worldwide to attend the event where they will hear presentations from high-level experts on a range of agri’ topics including policy, trade and leadership. The conference is supported by Cavan County Council and the Taste of Cavan. Throughout the week Cavan products are showcased to the delegates. As part of the conference they visited Ballyhaise Agricultural College and local agricultural producers and factories in the Cavan region.

    Pedigree Breeders Rinderzuchtbetrieb Derboven – an extraordinary dairy farm!

    We recently visited the Derboven farm in Germany where they milk 500 high yielding cows in a Dairymaster Swingover milking parlour.
    Since the 1980’s the Derboven dairy farm has earned a national and international reputation for excellent Holstein genetics. Conny Derboven always took a keen interest in breeding superior Holstein genetics. This has been hallmarked by the extensive list of top awards for their pedigree cows.

    For example, cows ‘Lila’ and ‘Lynn’ (from the Lancia EX 94 Family) won the 2015 Reserve Winner Award. The award is for the best of the best across all German cattle shows in any given year. The famous red Holstein sire ‘Faber’ also came from this line. German Holstein genetics has been greatly influenced by the Derboven sires ‘Bonatus’ and ‘Monreal’ and the current representative out of this line ‘Gelinda’, has just won the top award for best heifer at the Schau der Besten Show 2015.

    Conny’s three daughters, Anna-Lena, Dorothee and Cathrin, have inherited his passion for cows and farming and now run this dynamic dairy enterprise together. Have a look behind the scenes in this video to see and hear how these famous German breeders use Irish milking equipment to help achieve their goals.


    Farm and family photos, including image of Derbovens Champion Lynn VG 88

    If you would like to read more about the Derboven family, visit http://rzbderboven.de/der-hof/.

    Dairymaster Goat Rotary Appears in Times Square!

    The Dairymaster Award winning Swiftflo Revolver Goat Rotary has appeared on a billboard in Times Square, New York. The screen features prominently and can be seen by hundreds of thousands of vehicles and pedestrians as they pass through Times Square each day.
    Goat Rotary Time Square
    When asked about the recent publicity of their innovative product Dairymaster International Business Development Manager Fergus O’Meara said; “Dairy goat farming is a growth area with an increasing demand for goat’s milk for cheese, yoghurt, ice-cream and liquid milk consumption. A successful goat farmer needs the best milking system to maximise profit and increase efficiency and that’s what you get with the Swiftflo goat rotary and because of its revolutionary design we are seeing interest from all around the globe.” Having won the prestigious Eurotier Gold Medal for Innovation, it’s not the first time that the Swiftflo Goat Rotary has been in the limelight. The capabilities of the milking machine have revolutionised the way that goats are milked.
    The Dairymaster rotary uses a new design in rotary milking with a robotic carriage where one operator can milk up to 1,300 goats per hour with a milking unit attached every 2.5 seconds. No other goat milking equipment can milk that fast and in such numbers. Efficient equipment is essential with goat farming, since the productivity of the goat is limited and it is necessary to milk a large number of goats in order to maximise efficiency. Dairymaster has applied expertise and innovative technologies to design one of the world’s most automated goat rotaries saving the farmer time, money and hassle.

    Dairymaster launches bumper recruitment drive for 2016

    Over 60 new, high end jobs coming on stream next year

    Dairymaster today launched its biggest ever recruitment drive to fill a record 60 new jobs in 2016 in its Kerry based globally focused dairy equipment manufacturing company. The roles will be based in Kerry, the UK and the USA.

    Speaking today at the launch of its latest recruitment drive Dairymaster CEO Dr Edmond Harty said; “Dairymaster has ambitious plans for 2016. With this new recruitment drive we are very keen to get the right people into the right jobs to help us drive the company. We are renowned for innovation and technology in our products and we can only continue to do this with the support of our staff. We are creating over 60 new jobs in a variety of exciting areas such as; design, software, production, electronic engineering, mobile app development, service and installation and sales amongst others. These are top quality jobs with great prospects for the right people. This is our 3rd annual recruitment drive and our biggest yet. Traditionally we target experienced professionals returning home for Christmas and we will be doing that again this year while also looking to the Irish jobs market.”

    2016 promises to be a big growth year for Dairymaster as it targets the US and UK dairy markets to grow its presence in each. The company has customers in over 40 countries worldwide and produces state of the art dairy equipment technology including milking parlours, feeding equipment, manure scrapers, milk cooling tanks and health and fertility monitoring systems for farms of all sizes. Dairymaster currently employs 360 people in roles ranging from manufacturing, sales through to engineering, software and much more in its Global Headquarters in Kerry and in regional hubs in the UK and USA. This new recruitment drive will add over 60 new jobs in a variety of roles.

    For further information on the different positions being advertised and application forms please click here. Applicants can apply immediately and closing date for all applications is Friday 15th January 2016.

    Largest farm in Ireland installs Dairymaster’s revolutionary health and fertility monitoring technology – MooMonitor+

    The breeding season for 2016 starts now and one farm that is all set for this is Tom and Simon Browne, Greenhills Farm (the largest farm in Ireland) who recently installed Dairymaster’s multi award winning health and fertility monitoring system – MooMonitor+ on their 1000 cow dairy farm in Co Cork.

    Speaking today Dr Harty said; “Tom and Simon Browne run not only one of the biggest but one of the most respected dairy farm operations in Ireland. Dairymaster has a long and proud association with the Browne family and Greenhills farm having installed a 60 unit rotary milking parlour in 2000 which was very new thinking at the time. The Browne’s have always been ahead of the pack when it comes to doing things more efficiently and more profitably.”


    MooMonitor+ is a wireless system which allows farmers to monitor heat, resting, feeding, restlessness, rumination and wellness 24×7. When the system detects sick cows it sends an immediate notification direct to the farmer’s phone. The advantage of this is that farmers, employees, vets, breeders and nutritionists can all have secure up to the minute access to farm information allowing for informed and timely decisions. Rumination data gives the farmer a great indication of animal welfare. The system pushes Animal Behavioural Alerts making a farmer aware when it detects changes in behaviour which may indicate illness. This allows early intervention, reduced antibiotic usage and better recovery rates on farm. As a result the MooMonitor+ has saved many cows around the world making an even faster return on investment.

    The multi award winning MooMonitor+ has advanced features such as having the longest range on the market, an amazing battery life of up to 10 years, two-way communication and much more. Using the system couldn’t be easier. Simon taps his phone against the MooMonitor+ and keys in the cow number from that moment on that cows is being monitored 24×7. If there is a significant change in the cows behaviour such as when she’s in heat or sick the farmers get an alert direct to their phone. The added advantage of this is ease of use and less animal handling and stress for both the farmer and the cow. Like all good dairy farmers Tom and Simon know that breeding, fertility and health are critical factors for success on-farm. For them the MooMonitor+ makes real sense. It will quickly save them time, money and hassle.

    Tom & Simon Browne Largest Farm in Ireland installs Dairymaster MooMonitor+ 2

    Speaking today Tom Browne said; “Over the past few days we have fitted our herd with the MooMonitor+. We feel that this technology will more than pay for itself and allow us improve results on the farm. Technology is always changing and improving and the MooMonitor+ gives us more information about all our cows to help us make better decisions. Our association with Dairymaster is long standing and we are proud to see that partnership continue.”

    Dr Edmond Harty added; “Any dairy farmer will tell you that a vital job on farm is to recognise when a cow is on-heat as missed heats can cost €250 each or more. Health is also of vital importance. This system pushes Health Alerts making a farmer aware when it detects health problems. Research shows that the majority of heats start between 8.00 pm and 6.00 am when the farmer should be asleep. Manual heat detection is time consuming and can have variable accuracy. With the MooMonitor+ the farmer has a consistently reliable system. It can have a big impact quickly on the profitability of a farm. Like the Browne’s more and more farmers are partnering with us to install this game changer technology on their farms.”

    Optimising fertility is the number 1 driver of dairy farm profitability. The average 100 cow farm in Ireland is losing €6,500 on production alone per year due to an extended calving interval and many farms are losing a lot more, there is also huge labour saving and the system can be installed no matter what make of equipment is already on farm. If you want better fertility, healthier cows and more calves then call us now on 1890 500 247 for your free on farm demo.