Making The Right Choice

Making The Right Choice

A key part of any business strategy is to invest in new infrastructure and equipment that will make you money. It is hardly surprising that dairy producers are looking to new equipment, technology and systems that will increase their milk yield, reduce their feed bill and reduce labor and bills.

Dairymaster ticks all the boxes

While looking to install a dairy system that suited his needs Mike Leahy, Wisconsin looked at many of the options available. Dairymaster ticked all the boxes. “Previous systems don’t come close to the ability of Dairymaster in completely milking a cow out, without over milking her. My favourite part of the system is how completely, effortlessly, and gently it milks out the cows.”
Mike says, knowing that his Dairymaster dairy is key to getting the best from his cows.

Cows don’t even notice they are being milked

Mike was delighted with the way a herd could be managed by the Dairymaster system and how the cows seem so much more at home and relaxed than when being milked in other setups. Now his cows walk in quickly, taking their place to be milked and not wandering around, needing to be cajoled into place. In his old parlour squawking was a major problem and every dairy farmer knows how much squawking can cost in terms of lost milk and time. With the Dairymaster cluster, squawking is a thing of the past, cows don’t even seem to notice that they are being milked.

“As for squawking on our farm, we hardly ever have a squawk. The most impressive aspect of the Dairymaster system is how gentle it is on the cow’s teats. We used to have issues with our previous system with cows that milked for 10+ minutes. Now you can’t find a single cow that doesn’t have a healthy teat end.” says Mike.

Working with Dairymaster – a guarantee of success

The Leahy family is very happy with their Dairymaster dairy unit. Milking now takes far less time than ever before and overall care of the herd is easy to manage. By working closely with the Dairymaster team he has installed a dairy that he will have for many years and that can grow according to his needs. This is vital in helping him get the most out of each cow and in producing milk of the highest standard.

Mike comments “since we installed Dairymaster the SCC has improved.  This last year our SCC averaged 75,000 at 85lb per cow with a 3.9% butterfat and 3.1% protein with previous systems it was much higher.”

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