Keeping The Farm Clean

Keeping The Farm Clean

They say that cleanliness is close to godliness but on the farm, cleanliness is the key to keeping a herd healthy and a farm in profit. Farmers know the dangers of potential diseases spreading like wildfire through their herd. A cow out of action due to ill-health comes with a hefty price tag in the form of lost production, but when that infection spreads through the herd, or even into the produced milk, the costs can have a disastrous effect on a farm.

Dairymaster understand the importance of keeping the dairy clean and design and manufacture all their equipment and technology to maximise clean environments that minimise the chances of infection. Easy-to-use technology and clever innovations, mean that Dairymaster have consistently led the way when it comes to ways to keep a herd clean, healthy and making maximum profit for the farmer.

Time Saving Cleaning Devices

Another time saving, cleaning device produced by the Dairymaster’s team have developed and produced is the Manure Scraper. The system keeps the yard and barn clean, while dramatically cutting down on cleaning time, meaning producers spend less time shovelling manure and more time growing the business. John and Mary Debauch, USA use the Dairymaster scraper system and immediately realised they had made a sound investment.

“Previously we used a tractor to push manure and it took a lot of time, obviously we had to do this while the cows were milking but now the alley scrapers clean the barn and run 24×7 – it’s pretty nice. It took another task away that we don’t have to worry about. They are set up so nice, they run when we programme them to run. The alley scrapers work individually, not simultaneously like the cable ones do. It’s a well-built system, there is no getting around that. They fitted into our existing barn perfectly.” comments John and Mary Debauch

A Clean Environment Saves Time and Labor

Hygiene in the barn is of utmost importance for animal health and wellbeing. Good hygiene can help in fighting mastitis and lameness. The Dairymaster Scraper can run 24×7 and cows are not disturbed allowing for better cow comfort.

Tom Alexander says “The old twice a day chore is gone. Now the Dairymaster scraper runs and you don’t even think about it. It runs as many times per day that we want. It does a great job scraping the alley clean.”

Dairymaster prides itself on the innovations the company has developed in the area of farm hygiene. A clean dairy means less infection, lower veterinary bills and more high-quality milk going to market. Cleanliness may be close to godliness but when it comes to the farm, cleanliness is close to more profit at the end of the year.

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