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Running smooth for longer life…

The first line of support is to contact your distributor directly this ensures that you get a quick response. Distributors worldwide are backed up by the expertise in the Dairymaster software team. There are a number of different options that you can choose for your software maintenance.

We would strongly advise that you take out a maintenance package as it ensures that customers are provided with preferential phone and email access to highly skilled engineers who are able to discuss or demonstrate to you to resolve particular issues as well as improve complete processes. It is possible to connect directly to support personnel via the internet. Assistance by remote login is also available.

Running smooth for longer life

Dairymaster offer comprehensive support

24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our commitment is second to none.
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Service & Preventative Maintenance…

Our preventative maintenance programme is second to none. We will visit your farm at your request to make sure the system is running at optimal performance. It is recommended that your parlour is serviced at least once a year and checked every six months or more often depending on usage.

We can undertake a comprehensive parlor performance analysis, first by testing your milking system to the international standard for milking equipment. Should you require further analysis we can call in our milking experts who can perform extensive analysis and performance benchmarking.

Highly trained service team

Should you require service please contact your local distributor or Dairymaster directly, by phone, fax or email stating your exact location and contact details.

Servicing your equipment is an important part of protecting your investment, so that you can care for your herd.

Dairymaster Highly trained service team

An investment in your future.

Interested in servicing your milking equipment?
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    One man operation

    Dairymaster milking parlours are designed to provide maximum comfort, increased efficiency and throughput.
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  • Dairymaster Fast Exit

    Fast loading & unloading

    During milking the cow is positioned for optimum cluster attachment and alignment, therefore cows are more relaxed.
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  • Dairymaster Rotary Parlor

    Milk with less labour

    The Dairymaster Swiftflo Revolver Rotary milking parlor is the world's most advanced rotary parlor system.
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