• The secret to success!

      Milking Benfits

      Dairymaster have unique milking characteristics resulting in faster and better way of milking your cows. Find out more here.  

    • We have the parlor for you!


      Get the best milking system available which allows you to add automation features that fit your operation and budget.  

    • Significantly alter profits…

      Heat Detection

      Easily identify cows on heat, non cycling, lost calf and cystic anywhere any time. Have 24 hour remote monitoring with the MooMonitor App..  

    • The milk tank of the future!

      Milk cooling

      We have designed and engineered an energy efficient and reliable milk cooling tank that is better for your milk and better for your pocket.  

    • Accurate feeding saves you money...

      Feeding Moulded

      Easily calculate and automatically dispense feed based on a cows body weight, yield or stage of lactation.  

    • Manure removal made easy...


      We manufacture and deliver automatic scrapers all over the world. We are acknowledged for unequalled standards of reliability & adaptability.