Irish Dairy – A New Dawn

Many Irish dairy farmers have embraced sustainable practices and are focused on producing high-quality, nutritious food while minimizing their environmental impact. Creating a greater future built on sustainability is where our future is, and the Hayden family from Tinahely in County Wicklow take us on their journey of best practices.

Hayden’s family farm is home to 220 dairy cows which supplies over 1.4 million litres of milk annually to Tirlán Coop. Proud to be the international guest farm for the Baileys Irish Cream brand, Joe Hayden tells us the role they play in creating a balancing act not just between food production and the care of the environment, but also in doing what is right.

Incorporating greater energy efficiency and smart technology into the farm from the recent installation of a 46 unit Dairymaster Swiftflo Rotary parlour allows for the betterment of milking the cows, welfare of the animals and less time spent in the parlour. Dairymaster has always put a strong emphasis on creating smarter solutions for dairy farming.

Listen to this insightful story of how life in Ireland can continue with the richness of Family Farming!

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