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Manure Scrapers Overview

Installations proven over many years.

Our expertise

Dairymaster’s manure scrapers are labour saving while maintaining highest hygiene standards.
They are one of the most reliable, long lasting scraper systems on the market.
Our scrapers are easily adapted to any shed layout.

Dairymaster Automatic Scraper System

Automatic Scraper System

Better hygiene with less labour

  • Reduce workload on the farm.
  • Quality you can rely on.
  • A clean environment benefits udder health.

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Dairymaster Scraper Backing Gate

Scraper Backing Gate

Does two jobs in one

  • Ensures good cow flow.
  • Keeps collection yard clean.
  • Encourages cows into the parlour.

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Dairymaster Research and Innovation

Research and Innovation

Building better products!

  • Innovation is our passion
  • Research which leads to better performance…
  • Leading the way with innovative technologies

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