One of the worlds most advanced rotary parlour systems, this parlour milks more cows in less time with less labour. 

Experience the Difference…

You walk into the parlour and adjust the position of the Comfort+ floor
to ensure you are at a comfortable working height.

Know each cow…

Cows are identified as they enter the parlour allowing you to treat her as an individual.

The  parlour that talks to you…

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Same feed, more profit…

Each cow is fed to her specific needs ensuring she can perform to the best of her ability.

Visual management allowing immediate action…

At each unit there is a Swiftflo Commander where you have very visual information on each individual cows milking, feeding and animal health allowing you to take action immediately.

Why milk with Dairymaster?

Better udder
The Dairymaster milking system follows the natural milking cycle similar to a calf, resulting in better teat end condition & udder health.
Scientific research shows Dairymaster milking systems typically improves milk out resulting in up to 5% more yield.
Our unique liner design allows for better attachment meaning much lower liner slip.
Prefer less time milking?
Milk each of your cows typically 1
minute faster the
Dairymaster way!

Work smarter…

Once milking is completed the cluster is automatically removed from the cow and then it is
automatically sanitised using ClusterCleanse ensuring a clean cluster for the next cow.

The on-platform teat sprayer will then intelligently spray the udder with a teat disinfectant
allowing for better udder health while saving you time and effort.

The parlour knows…

Milk can be diverted at the touch of a button if controlling milk protein & fat levels, for feeding
calves or if an antibiotic cow is present.

If the cow deviates in yield or isn’t fully miked out the smart technology automatically retains her.
On the other hand if she is enjoying her trip on the rotary too much and forgets to exit she will be
gently encouraged to do so with our Cow Motivator.

Dairymaster was the parlour we chose because we loved the stainless steel side of it to keep it clean. Lovely pulsation on it. Also what I loved was the arm where the clusters come from, they raise away from the platform and they keep it nice and clean.
David Burroughs, UK
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No stress…it’s all done for you…

When the cow exits the platform if she requires further attention she will be automatically sorted into a separate pen e.g. AI, vet check etc. If all is o.k she will return to her group as normal.

cow exiting rotary drafting

Cleaning made easy…

Our smart design really cuts down on time for cleaning. The rotating wash boom means no long
hoses to drag around or trip over meaning cleaning has never been easier and is much faster.

Plant washing is controlled by the AutoWasher which ensures that consistent cleaning is achieved on a daily basis. When the AutoWasher is cleaning the plant you have time for other farm duties.

Exceptional efficiency of installation

Many rotaries are installed in less than a week

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