Approved by the International Committee for Animal Recording (ICAR) and the Dairy Herd Improvement Association (DHIA) for unparalleled accuracy and proportional milk sampling, the Dairymaster Weighall Milk Meter can operate stand-alone or integrate into the Dairymaster Milk Manager system.

Weighs every drop

The Weighall milk meter is unique because it weighs every drop of milk as it passes through from the cow to the milk line.

Easy integration

The Weighall Milk Meters are easily fitted into new and existing Dairymaster systems and can function as a standalone unit or can be integrated with the SwiftFlo Commander for the ultimate management control inside the milk pit.  

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Washing cycle…

The washing cycle of the Weighall Milk Meter has been optimised. Water usage during washing is minimised by alternating cycles between meters. One instruction to any control unit will activate the wash cycle in all milk meters.

Unique sampling system

The Dairymaster Weighall Milk Meter has a unique sampling system – unlike other milk meters, there is no need for large attachments for milk sampling as the milk sampler is fully integrated into the meter.

The Weighall Milk Meter records:

  • Milk yield (kg).
  • Milking duration (sec).
  • Time (sec) to a predefined yield (typically 1 kg to measure letdown).
  • Peak flow rates (kg/min).
  • Average flow rates (kg/min).
  • Milking unit (facilitates automatic meter accuracy checking).
  • Cluster attachment time (h:m:s).
  • Overmilking time (sec) – if ACRs are not used or disabled.
  • Milk flow rate at stop (kg/min) – indicates if a cluster was removed prematurely.
  • Stop method (automatic or manual removal).
  • Deviated milk yields (% or treshold)
  • Deviated milk conductivity (% or treshold)

Minimal water usage…

Water usage during washing is minimised by alternating cycles between meters. The meter is suitable for all types of milking installation.

Anna-Lena Schierenbeck speaks about our Weighall Milk Meters...

We have lots of trainees on the farm and external milk staff in the evenings. So in order to keep an eye on milk yield and monitor when cows are sick we installed these milk meters.
Anna-Lena Schierenbeck, Germany
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