In today’s market milk quality and the cost of cooling milk is of paramount importance. Dairymaster offers most comprehensive range of technical, on-farm milk cooling equipment globally, because we recognise the importance of effective cooling to quality milk production.

Dairymaster plater cooler on farm

Highest quality milk cooling

Dairymaster’s plate cooler is the ideal way to reduce milk temperature quickly after milking. We offer a range of plate coolers depending upon plant size and cooling requirements. Cooling efficiency can be further enhanced using the Dairymaster variable speed milk pump controller.

Plate coolers to suit any size plant

Our plate coolers are top of the range. We can size for any type of plant and since the plate coolers exist out of stackable units it is very easy to expand the system. 

Plate Cooler benefits

  • Cools milk quickly and efficiently.
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Easily expandable.
About 20 degrees of cooling is accomplished with this platecooler. Cold water goes in the one way and comes out on the other side taking all the heat of the milk with it. We use the heated water to feed our cows!
Arend-Jan Kraaijenbrinck, Netherlands
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