Flush away mastitis!

Did you know that mastitis pathogens can stay in a liner for up to 6 consecutive milkings? 

Improve SCC with the use of technology

ClusterCleanse is an immense aid for improving overall milking hygiene and is of great assistance to farmers fighting the battle against mastitis. There is no need for replacing existing clusters or purchasing special liners. It is fully automated meaning one less job for you.

Dairymaster Improve SCC with the use of technology
A fresh liner for each cow

A fresh cluster for each cow

The Dairymaster ClusterCleanse rinses the cluster after each cow is milked. This results in a more hygienic cluster for the next cow cutting down on the risk of infections and helping lower cell counts.

Clinically clean cluster

When used in conjunction with our ClusterCleanse liquid it kills 99.9% of bacteria in scientific trials and it is also biodegradable. Better for the environment and your cows.

Dairymaster Clinically clean cluster
Better Udder Health

Reduce the spread of mastitis

When milking high SCC cows, bio-films with bacteria can form on the inside of the liner. Research has shown that mastitis can spread from cow to cow for up to 6 consecutive milkings if a liner is contaminated. ClusterCleanse reduces the spread of mastitis by presenting a freshly cleaned cluster for each cow.

The ClusterCleanse is very effective at reducing mastitis and cutting out cross contamination. My SCC is in the old parlour was 350,000 since installing Dairymaster it has reduced dramatically to 97,000.
Pat O' Brien

Know exactly which cows should be diverted

The Swiftflo Commander displays SCC levels at each milking. This allows the farmer to know exactly what milk needs to be diverted in order to continue providing milk of the highest quality.

Know exactly which cows should be diverted
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