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Dairymaster believes that buying a Dairymaster system is not a once off purchasing decision, but rather a long term partnership between you and our organisation, which is designed to provide the latest parlour automation updates ensuring that you are kept at the forefront of your business.

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The digital gurus…

Access to our friendly, highly capable technical team who can help you get the most from your Dairymaster software.

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Dairymaster are continuously developing new products that are designed to automate many of the processes that you are involved with, reducing time and improving productivity. By purchasing maintenance, you are investing in the future releases of software solutions, which will help you drive your business forward. An investment in maintenance is an investment in your future.

Be the first to receive product updates seamlessly.
Dairymaster advanced diagnostics

Advanced diagnostics…

Here at Dairymaster we utilise the latest technology to bring you the best products. We have the ability to perform quick and comprehensive diagnostics remotely allowing us to monitor overall performance easily. It also greatly reduces downtime as situations can be diagnosed and resolved much faster.

The software support system is absolutely foolproof. It is very easy to use. And since you have Dairymaster at hand 24/7 there is never a problem if you need any help or there is anything wrong, then there is always someone at the other end of the phone, which is huge. They've been brilliant, I couldn't praise them enough over the last two years.
Maurice Harty
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