Our mission statement is core to what we do in research and development. Our customers are the main focus throughout this process. Innovation to us is not just new features; in the end of the day our products need to give a uniquely added value to the farmer. This can be by making the milking process more efficient, improving on heat detection and animal health etc.

Innovation is our passion…

We use Science and Technology to make dairy farming more profitable, enjoyable and sustainable.

Building better products

We manufacture products that makes a farmer’s life easier. Our motivation is to make dairy farming more profitable, enjoyable and sustainable and to deliver products of demonstrable value to customers.

Research which leads to better performance…

At Dairymaster our focus on customer relationships is second to none. This allows us to get in depth view of the challenges on farm which feeds the innovation process, meaning we can quickly respond to the needs of farmers. Our strong dealer network worldwide ensures similar feedback is obtained across all markets.

Each one of our products is uniquely designed and manufactured to the highest standards. We are constantly challenging ourselves to deliver products of demonstrable value to our customers.
DR John Daly Research & Innovation Manager

Unfaltering commitment to ongoing research & development…

At Dairymaster there is a big focus on R&D, Science and Technology. We collaborate with national and international research organisations and research partners. This allows for independent field trials, validation studies etc. to take place giving reassurance to the farmer.

Leading the way with innovative technologies…

We use cloud computing, mobile applications, internet of things, 3D printing, sensors and much more to make a difference in the field of dairy farming. We are continuously improving the design and research processes by adopting future led innovations and technologies to streamline dairy practices on farm.

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