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Reliability is paramount when it comes to dairy equipment. Farmers want equipment that will work every day of the year. Dairymaster has spent years perfecting the design of their technology to ensure that everything works as it should when it should.

Each piece of equipment is developed with a task in mind, with both design and manufacture coming together to produce dairy equipment that is world class. At Dairymaster’s Global Headquarters, this quality is in operation throughout the plant and nothing is left to chance in how each piece of equipment is manufactured. The use of stainless steel, the expertise of the staff and the standard of the final install can only assure the farmer that they are getting the best there is.

Seeing is believing with Dairymaster

Dairy farmer John Macnamara knew he needed a full replacement of his dairy. As he grew the herd to over 150 cows, his 10-unit parlour wasn’t fit for purpose anymore. The time came for investment, but as John needs his milking equipment to work at all times, choosing the right partner would be key to John’s success in the future.

The milk machine is the only piece of equipment I’m using twice a day, for 300 days a year so that needs to be right,” says John.

John turned to Dairymaster to get the parlour he wanted. Dairymaster makes all equipment in-house and the quality shows in the final build. The company has complete control over every stage of the production. They know that each piece of equipment, from the stalls to the intricate circuitry, is built to their exact standards. When the time came to invest in the future, John went with a 20-unit Swiftflo Swing parlour with in parlour feeding, Auto ID, drafting and much more automation.

“It’s been a dream really to operate it,” says John, happy in his new parlour.

Dairymaster Leaves Nothing to Chance

Dairymaster has teams working on product design, software development and manufacture all under the one roof at their plant in County Kerry. Each team interacts with each other, working together to get every product as good as it possibly can be. Designers can see an idea go from drawing board to the finished product, without leaving the building. Each product undergoes rigorous testing on site and nothing is left to chance. This way the sales team can be certain that the finished product will deliver on what it promises and the company can stand over every single piece of equipment that leaves the factory. The teams see the equipment working and know exactly what each piece is capable of doing. All this makes sense from a company perspective. What is the point in sending out a team to do a dairy install, only for the equipment to breakdown or not function properly? Why have a sales person promising what equipment can do when they haven’t seen it in operation themselves? Quality assurance and quality control are the foundations upon which the Dairymaster brand reputation is built. In the long term, that makes partnering with Dairymaster for any farmer an easy prospect with the knowledge that they are in safe hands.

Inbuilt Reliability

John Macnamara knows that he has quality and reliability in his dairy. He knows that Dairymaster has installed a dairy for the future; not just for the next few years but ten, twenty years down the line. Investment in quality-built equipment always gives a return in both peace of mind and saved money in the pocket. This inbuilt reliability will stand the test of time and Dairymaster knows this only too well.

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