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Cooling Overview

Most efficient cooling technology on the market!

Our expertise

Imagine a cooling system that significantly reduces electricity bills, does more to protect your milk,
gives you peace of mind knowing your milk is safe until it leaves the yard and provides
hot water all year round… Think Dairymaster’s smart cooling technology.

Dairymaster Milk Tanks

Milk Tanks

Slash milk cooling costs

  • Most energy efficient tank on the market.
  • Monitor tank in real-time via App.
  • Does more to protect milk.

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Dairymaster Silo


Milk is safe until it is ready to leave the farm

  • Limited space, vertical outdoor solution
  • Keep it cool…
  • Better for your milk, better for your pocket

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Dairymaster Heat Recovery

Heat Recovery

Cut water heating costs while cooling…

  • Recovers 100% of the heat from milk.
  • Heat water every time milk is being cooled.
  • Hot water for washing always available.

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Dairymaster Plate Coolers

Plate Coolers

Reduce milk temperature quickly

  • Cools milk quickly and efficiently
  • Reduces energy costs
  • Enhances tank performance

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Dairymaster Research and Innovation

Research and Innovation

Building better products!

  • Innovation is our passion
  • Research wich leads to better performance…
  • Leading the way with innovative technologies

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Dairymaster CoolControl Milk Tank
Reduce Energy Costs
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