Dairymaster’s new RoboSpray System is „udderly” fantastic

Dairymaster announces the launch of another new product, RoboSpray which is the first step in a new range of automation solutions to be offered for use with new and existing rotary milking parlors. Dairymaster’s RoboSpray is a robotic arm that gives a more precise and consistent spray pattern, closer to the udder, thus ensuring a better coverage of all teats and a more effective use of the disinfectant. The RoboSpray system includes machine vision technology to correctly position the spray head and monitor its progress.

Teat disinfection is an important aspect of good milking to promote better udder health and reduce the incidence of mastitis. Pre or post-milking teat disinfection is usually achieved by dipping or spraying the teats before milking or after removal of the cluster.  This task is often automated on rotary milking parlors by using platform teat sprayers where the teat spray is applied from a nozzle on the surface beneath the cow.

Importantly, Dairymaster RoboSpray links with the milking parlor control unit to allow for cow retention where a milking deviation has been detected. Cows can be retained on the platform for a second revolution without being sprayed at either post-spray or pre-spray, and the operator will have clean dry teats for inspection and/or reattachment of the milking cluster if required.

The shortage of skilled labour is well documented throughout the industry and the installation of the RoboSpray will ensure that farmers can rely on consistent teat spraying, while at the same time freeing up scarce resources for other tasks on the farm.

The Dairymaster mission is to make dairy farming more profitable, enjoyable and sustainable, and they have a long history of collaboration with research partners, developing, validating and commercialising advancements in dairy farm technologies.

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