Ruling the roost, through the rotary route…

The aim of any milking facility is to have all cows milked and the parlour cleaned in 1.5 hours, anything after this the operator’s concentration levels will decrease. Investment in Dairymaster rotary parlours has accelerated in the last 12 – 18 months. Farmers with 150 cows or more are now looking at them as a more cost-effective solution. The Dairymaster rotary allows one to milk more cows, in less time with less labour. Attaining a good work-life balance has become more of a priority for the modern, progressive dairy farmer.

James Pettit, from Co. Wexford, had a lot of say about his Dairymaster rotary parlour:
“Since putting in the new rotary parlour I am milking additional cows and still finished milking in over half the time than in the old herringbone. The time saved both morning and evening allows additional work to be completed on the farm and more attention given to the stock. Much to the delight of my family I have more time with them. Now I look forward to going milking.”

The desire to install a Dairymaster rotary has grown significantly, some of the biggest advantages of a Dairymaster Rotary are;
• Throughput is exceptionally good
• Operator and cow comfort
• More time for other farm jobs
• Less labour unit required
• Great work-life balance
• Excellent parlour design and plans
• Heavy duty, built to last
• Excellent milking characteristics
• Excellent cluster alignment
• Divert milk at the touch of a button
• Information at your fingertips
• Low maintenance
• Easy cleaning
• First class service
The rotary solution allows the dairy farm to steadily increase in herd size into the future without the need for further investment. The Dairymaster rotary can be designed to suit all budgets where more advanced features can be added later.

Tom Power, from Co. Waterford, commented on his parlour, saying:
“It saved us a huge amount of time, labour & money, halving our milking time and labour requirements. It frees up time outside the parlour for managing the farm and time away from the farm. It has been a game changer.

Options to suit all budgets…

Swiftflo Performance
The Swiftflo Performance is the entry level range with little automation.
• Swiftflo Optimum
The Swiftflo Optimum are the midrange options, suitable for typical family farms with some automation.
• Swiftflo Endurance
The Swiftflo Endurance range is designed for large-scale farms and people who want a fully automated solution.

Trusted by farmers worldwide…

Dairymaster have rotary installations all over the world from UK, USA, Germany, The Netherlands, France, Ukraine, Russia, Middle East, China to name a few. These farms are experiencing all the benefits of milking “the Dairymaster way”. With the overwhelming benefits of a Dairymaster rotary parlour, it’s easy to see why it’s such an attractive way of milking for not only this generation but also the next generation of young farmers, securing future investment to producing milk efficiently.

Plan what is right for your farm

Take the time, to walk your farm with a “fresh outlook”. There is a whole lot more to designing a parlour than one would initially think. Are you planning to build in an existing building, or is it a green field site?
It is also important to future proof your plans for your new parlour and consider the following questions:
• What will your herd look like in 10 years’ time?
• Do you plan on purchasing more cows in time?
• Will the next generation be taking over?
• Any land restrictions to limit the number of cows you have in the future?

Our professional experienced design team go through each of the following in detail in order to design the milking facility that best suits your specific needs. The team look at; designing for the cow and the operator, layout of the buildings and site, air flow, accessibility, biosecurity, energy efficiency and much more.

John McCarthy, from Co. Limerick, talks about the benefits he’s experienced from the rotary parlour, saying:
“As labour was an issue on farm, I looked at all milking options before making a decision, but I felt other options were very restraining as regards growing a herd. The one thing I have learned about this rotary is that it future proofs itself. The big benefit is that cows are going to gain an extra 60 hours a month on grass, not alone what it’s going to give us back as regards a lifestyle. It certainly should be future proof to making life a lot easier.”

Meeting your needs in every aspect of the investment

The unique Dairymaster design results in extremely low power consumption to rotate the platform. The patented Rotaglide suspension system facilitates smooth rotating movement of plant during milking. The system improves load transfer from the rotary platform to the support structure, meaning reduced wear on the track resulting in less maintenance and better reliability. It is vigorously endurance tested for longer life and is proven on farms with 24×7 operation.

One of the key factors of Dairymaster’s growth is that a good aftercare service is available. The Dairymaster Technical and Service Team have been trained to the highest possible standards. Support is available with our Global Technical Team 24 x 7 x 365 and when you ring for assistance you get to speak to a real person who can understand your situation and give you the best possible solution.

Order your FREE Rotary Starter Bundle

When researching rotary parlours, be sure to compare like with like. Build quality is very important when making a choice for the next 20+ years. The entire range of Dairymaster rotary parlours are of a very sound structure with strength where it matters meaning it is built to last and this is evident when you look at rotary parlours installed by Dairymaster worldwide.

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