Prevention is better than cure when it comes to the farmyard

Prevention is better than cure when it comes to the farmyard

Prevention may be better than cure but on the farm, prevention also saves you money. On a dairy farm a sick animal not only costs money in veterinary fees but also in lost milk production. A cow can go down very quickly, making it vital to identify infection before it takes hold.

Dairymaster technology has been leading the way in keeping a herd healthy. By installing the right equipment and availing of the best technology, the producer will see a return on investment not only in the near future but for many years down the line.

Spot the sick cow with MooMonitor+

Josh Goeser, Wisconsin, has a herd of over 1200 cows and knows how important it is to keep that herd healthy. He invested in the Dairymaster MooMonitor+ system, as he saw it as the best way to keep a close eye on his animals. Every animal is fitted with the sealed-unit collar, which monitors the cow’s behaviour and the easy-to-use equipment sends readings and alerts back to his cell. Josh can now see how each cow is performing but more importantly, he can easily see when an individual animal is not quite right.

“With the MooMonitor+ we’ve seen heat detection increase. We have less cows getting vet checked and picking up more cystic cows. Health alerts are very beneficial with detecting sick cows sooner, cutting down on treatment costs.”

Not leaving animal health to chance

Not long after the system was installed Josh noticed an animal’s readings on his cell weren’t what they should be. Rumination was down and her resting rate was way off that of the others. With the size of his herd spotting the sick animal would not have been easy without the MooMonitor+ collar.

“The app is great” Josh says “I am able to look a cow up fast and see her information”

Taking the worry out of herd health

Every good business manager knows that protecting your assets is key to ensuring a thriving business. Keeping cows healthy is the only way to protect a herd. It saves money on veterinary bills, cuts the use of antibiotics and keeps the animal doing what she should be doing, producing milk suitable for sale. By taking the worry out of animal health the producer can concentrate on running the farm and enjoying the returns of a well-run farm.

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