Dairymaster’s new Swiftflo Personalised Milking Platform, a cow centred revolution

Dairymaster have put a renewed focus on core milking research and development, launching their latest milking software for dairy producers. The package offers the ability to personalise the milking process to each individual cow in the herd through the Swiftflo Personalised Milking software.

The personalised milking control comprises three different elements:

  • Increased pulsation rate for the first 60 seconds of cluster attachment to stimulate milk let down.
  • Dynamic pulsation rate and ratio depending on the stage of milk out.
  • Variable take-off.

Together, these three elements combine to promote higher average milk flow rate and shorter milking time. Peer reviewed research published by Teagasc has confirmed time savings of almost 1.5 minutes per cow per day and demonstrates that there is no negative impact on yield or milk quality.

In conjunction with the development, a new liner design 1022SF has been developed through research on Irish and European farms and is optimised to facilitate higher milk flow and to provide a more gentle attachment to the teat.

The Swiftflo Personalised Milking is a suite of innovations that will deliver benefits to both producers and cows in terms of increased productivity through the milking process, more detailed information about the milking of each and every cow, and improved animal welfare. With the key developments having been validated in peer-reviewed journals, producers can be confident that the system will increase their milking performance.

The whole system is now streamlined on the DairyVue360 app which provides the producer with a comprehensive herd management tool, combining detailed data for each individual milking with the health and fertility activity data if available. They can see real-time milking metrics such as let down time, % of yield at different stages of the milking, flow rates and incidence of bimodal flow.

The Swiftflo Personalised Milking system is delivered in conjunction with the DairyVue360 platform and is currently available for rotary parlors. Developments are on-going to roll it out to other parlor types so all customers can benefit.

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