Lower feeding cost while achieving better results!

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Dairymaster In Parlour Automatic Feeders

In Parlour Automatic Feeders

For her to perform, feed her right!

  • Same feed…more profit.
  • Treat each cow an individual.
  • Nutrition is key to performance.

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Dairymaster Batch Feeders

Batch Feeders

Air operated for effortless feeding!

  • Manually adjust feed amounts in the milking pit.
  • Strong, robust, low maintenance.
  • Supports milk production.

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Dairymaster Out of Parlour Feeders

Out of Parlour Feeders

Individual nutrition for every cow in the herd...

  • Maintain herd health.
  • Individual feed plan for each cow.
  • Comfortable, convenient and efficient.

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Dairymaster Feedmax System

Feedmax System

Increase feed intake… boost yields!

  • Encourages cows to feed more often.
  • Maximise production, minimise labour.
  • No feed to waste…

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Dairymaster Feeding Management

Feeding Management

Technology in control…

  • Take the labour out of feeding.
  • Easily adjust feed amounts…
  • Accurate feeding saves money.

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Dairymaster Research and Innovation

Research and Innovation

Building better products!

  • Innovation is our passion.
  • Research which leads to better performance…
  • Leading the way with innovative technologies.

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