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与大部分知名的管理系统都可实现数据对接。 轻松管理奶厅的

milk meters

The Weighall milk meter

Weighs every drop

  • Milk yield (kg).
  • Milking duration (sec).
  • Time (sec) to a predefined yield (typically 1 kg to measure letdown).
  • Peak flow rates (kg/min).

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Swiftflo Commander

Swiftflo Commander

Next generation technology

  • Milk time and yield
  • SCC data
  • Veterinary alerts
  • Milk & wash temperature

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Voice assist

Voice Assist

Feedback from your parlour

  • Communicate directly to the operator
  • Enabled automatically or by user
  • Keeps operator informed of backing gate, drafting etc.

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Milk Manager

Milk Manager

Powerful parlor management solution

  • Milk yields
  • Milking durations
  • Flow rates

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