Get more milk from the same cows!

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Dairymaster Milking Parlour


Maximum utilisation of milking clusters!

  • High throughput.
  • Designed for efficiency and comfort.
  • Swing arm to activate system.

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Dairymaster Milking Parlour

Fast Exit

For faster loading on a Swing or Double!

  • Fast loading, fast exit.
  • Efficient cow flow.
  • Better cow control.

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Dairymaster Milking Parlour


A cluster for every cow!

  • Maximise work space.
  • More prep time per cow.
  • Ideal for milking groups.

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Dairymaster Rotary Parlour

Cow Rotary

The ultimate for larger herds!

  • Milk more cows with less labour.
  • The parlour does the work for you.
  • Super-efficient.

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Dairymaster Rotary Goat Parlour

Goat Rotary

One person can milk 1,300 goats per hour with ease!

  • Cluster attachment under 2.5 seconds.
  • Optimum operator and goat comfort.
  • Quickest, easiest, fastest system available.

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Dairymaster Stallwork options

Stallwork options

Excellent cow positioning!

  • Designed to last.
  • Options to suit all farms.
  • Excellent cow and heifer control in the parlour.

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Dairymaster up and over backing gate

Gate options

Achieve good cow flow...

  • Reduce heavy work load
  • Easily manage cow groups
  • Control from the milking pit.

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dairymaster milk meters

Milk Meters

Easily monitor milk yields for the best results!

  • Every drop accounted for
  • No fuzz milk sampling
  • Minimise water usage

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Dairymaster swiftflo commander


The right information at the right time!

  • Know exactly what’s going on
  • Touchpad technology for ease of use
  • Smart updates futureproofing your investment

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Dairymaster voice assist

Voice Assist

Speech technology, like a dairy SatNav!

  • Instruction when you need it
  • Better communication, better herd management
  • Stay informed

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Dairymaster milk manager software

Milk Manager

A worked farm manages, but a managed farm works

  • New levels of control and automation
  • View each cow as an individual
  • Always in the know

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Cow being drafted by dairymaster drafting

Drafting Options

Stress-free system for sorting cows!

  • Fast and accurate for excellent cow flow
  • Minimises stress on the cows
  • Convenient, efficient, safe

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Cow been milked with dairymaster cluster

The Difference

Dairymaster’s unique way of milking!

  • Milks like a calf suckling
  • Faster milking with better udder health
  • Higher yields and less slippage

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Dairymaster design engineer measuring up parlour design

Parlour design

From concept to installation!

  • Cow centred
  • Designing made easy
  • Correctly plan for the future

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Dairymaster Research and Innovation

Research and Innovation

Building better products!

  • Innovation is our passion
  • Research which leads to better performance…
  • Leading the way with innovative technologies

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