Most efficient cooling technology on the market!

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Dairymaster Milk Tanks

Milk Tanks

Slash milk cooling costs

  • Most energy efficient tank on the market.
  • Monitor tank in real-time via App.
  • Does more to protect milk.

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Dairymaster Silo


Milk is safe until it is ready to leave the farm

  • Limited space, vertical outdoor solution
  • Keep it cool…
  • Better for your milk, better for your pocket

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Dairymaster Heat Recovery

Heat Recovery

Cut water heating costs while cooling…

  • Recovers 100% of the heat from milk.
  • Heat water every time milk is being cooled.
  • Hot water for washing always available.

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Dairymaster Plate Coolers

Plate Coolers

Reduce milk temperature quickly

  • Cools milk quickly and efficiently
  • Reduces energy costs
  • Enhances tank performance

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Dairymaster Research and Innovation

Research and Innovation

Building better products!

  • Innovation is our passion
  • Research which leads to better performance…
  • Leading the way with innovative technologies

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Dairymaster CoolControl Milk Tank
Reduce Energy Costs
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