Rich rewards for farmers willing to work with new technology

Kevin & Katrina Knowles

Dairy farmer’s Kevin and Katrina Knowles, New Zealand needed to decide – it was either time to give up milking cows and let the farm go, or move forward and try something completely new. They were very frustrated with unsettled kicking cows and heifers and they were looking for a new way to help solve these issues on their farm.

Turning farming from an obligation and a tradition into a profitable business

Kevin Knowles comments “When we first had the idea of building this 50 bail rotary, the idea was we wanted a one person shed, the more automation we could put in at the time the better.”

Katrina Knowles added to this by saying “With the ACR’s we don’t have to worry about cows being under or over milked. The Dairymaster system does exactly what we need it to do.”

Kevin and Katrina’s story is familiar to many farmers as a host of new technologies continue to revolutionise farming. Technologies that not only save time but increase farmers yield and allow them to make more money, turning farming from an obligation and a tradition into a profitable business.

Easy to use technology is changing life on the farm

As many farmers do when investing in machinery for the farm, the Knowles took time looking into new system and tech. They decided on a 50 bail Dairymaster Swiftflo Rotary Parlour.

They were thrilled with their decision “the cows and heifers are so much quieter, no cup slips and complete milkout” says Kevin, knowing he made the right choice.

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