Investing in the right milking system

Marian Bell New Zealand

A key part of any business strategy is to invest in new infrastructure and equipment that will make you money. It is hardly surprising that dairy farmers are looking to new equipment, technology and systems that will increase their milk yield, reduce their feed bill and reduce labour and bills.

Dairymaster ticks all the boxes

While looking to install a dairy system that suited her needs Marion Bell, New Zealand looked at many of the options available. Dairymaster ticked all the boxes.

“Heifers, cows all have odd shaped udders, they are not standard and especially in Spring time when they are so full of milk, the cups just sit and there is no over milking. Marion says, knowing that her Dairymaster dairy is key to getting the best from her cows.

Cows don’t even notice they are being milked

Marion was delighted with the way a herd could be managed by the Dairymaster system and how the cows seem so much more at home and relaxed than when being milked in other setups. Now her cows walk in quickly, taking their place to be milked and not wandering around, needing to be cajoled into place. In her old parlour milking was problematic. With the Dairymaster cluster, slippage is a thing of the past, cows don’t even seem to notice that they are being milked.

“Previously I was over milking the cows, I hate to admit that but I was! The cup removers are just brilliant. It’s wonderful and the cows love it” says Marion.

Working with Dairymaster – a guarantee of success

The Bell family are very happy with their Dairymaster dairy plant. Milking now takes far less time than ever before and overall care of the herd is easy to manage. This is vital in helping her get the most out of each cow and in producing milk of the highest standard.

Marion comments “It has really changed our lives, it is a pleasure to come to the shed now. I used to hate it, probably always had problems with the old plant but with this plant I don’t worry that I am here on my own that something will go wrong that I might not be able to fix – nothing goes wrong”

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