Dairymaster technology chosen to build mega farms in China

Dairymaster technology chosen to build mega farms in China

Dairymaster the leading hi-tech solutions provider for dairy farming and Beijing Kingpeng Global Husbandry Technology Co., LTD (KPGH) a high-tech Chinese enterprise specialising in the planning and construction of modern livestock farms and turnkey projects have come together to provide the best technology in the world to Chinese farms.

This partnership will see Dairymaster who are recognised as one of the world’s most innovative companies in agriculture provide advanced dairy farm equipment to customers in China. KPGH’s focus is on turnkey projects with farm sizes ranging from 2,000 to 10,000 cows and have already installed some of the most prestigious dairy farms in China. Kingpeng were delighted to partner with Dairymaster as they see Dairymaster technology will be key to realising further efficiencies on farm.

KPGH’s belief of “building a comfortable living environment for animals” aligns perfectly with Dairymaster ethos. Dairymaster’s milking systems closely follow nature in that the vacuum profile applied at a cow’s teat-end is similar to that of a calf – a design unique to Dairymaster parlours. They milk each cow an average of one minute faster and deliver 5% more yield in scientific trials.

The MooMonitor+ allows the cow to follow her natural cycle and is bringing wearable technology to the farmyard which as a result is helping to change the face of agriculture. The MooMonitor+ utilises technology from cloud computing, wearable sensing and big data to make health and reproductive monitoring better. They also used technology from rockets and smart phones to give farmers real-time information about the health and fertility status of each cow in their herd.

KPGH looked at many different manufacturers globally and were particularly impressed with the Dairymaster manufacturing capability and milking efficiency. Mr Gao, Chairman & General Manager commented “Dairymaster have the most efficient milking parlours we have seen in operation. Dairymaster are a very professional company with a large product range that will add a lot of value to our business and we are looking forward to successful business partnership.”

Dairymaster’s largest rotary milking installations can produce enough milk to feed half a million people each day.

Fergus O’ Meara, International Business Development Manager with Dairymaster comments “We see Kingpeng Husbandry as an ideal long-term partner for our dairy technology, they have excellent knowledge of the dairy industry. Many of Dairymaster products are scientifically tested and proven which has a lot of value to Kingpeng Husbandry as the performance measurements can be validated. I think this announcement re-iterates the capability of Dairymaster and the excellent product offering we have for dairy farmers worldwide”.

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