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    The secret of Dairymaster's world-wide success is the company's unfaltering commitment to ongoing research and development, superior product quality and excellent customer service and support.

    Over the past five decades, Dairymaster has researched all aspects of dairy farming and dairy herd management from its own in-house R&D department and has developed unique technologically advanced solutions aimed at making dairy farming more profitable by increasing output and reducing labour.

    Our organisation first focuses on getting the basics right and once these are perfected we look at further innovation. Our aim is to make dairy farming more profitable, enjoyable and sustainable.


    For example the Dairymaster Cluster has been scientifically engineered for excellent milk out and low slippage while still being gentle on cows. Research has shown it to have the most stable milking vacuum, while applying a very low vacuum in the rest phase.

    Further studies have shown our cluster to have the lowest slip levels and also excellent milk out - so much so that in a recent trial over a full lactation our cluster yielded 5% more when compared to another commonly used commercially available cluster. It doesn't stop here - we use space age materials in the construction of our equipment so that it is hygienic, durable and reliable.

    Furthermore labour is an important aspect of any operation; we strive to achieve a better working environment and easier lifestyle on the farm by automating many tasks. We develop software in-house to meet this very important requirement.

    Finally we are an organisation that has the research to back up our products - we use science with innovation!

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