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    on hygiene!


    Reduce SCC & improve
    milk quality!


    Detergents, Oil & General Consumables

    • Acid Descaler

      Acid Descaler
      • Removes calcium & iron deposits.
      • Optimum cleaning & sanitation.
      • Recommended for Swiftflo parlors.
    • Liquid Gold

      Liquid Gold
      • Alkaline & chlorine cleaner.
      • Removes milk, fat & protein deposits.
      • Used for cleaning & sanitising milking parlors.


    • ClusterCleanse Liquid

      ClusterCleanse Liquid
      • Reduce SCC.
      • Improve milk quality.
      • Helps to reduce the spread of contagious mastitis.
    • Dairy Wipes

      Dairy Wipes
      • Disposable dairy wipes.
      • Maintain good udder & pre-milking hygiene.
      • Reduce the risk of spreading bacteria.
    • Filter Socks

      Filter Socks
      • Prevents any foreign material from entering plate cooler through to milk tank.
      • 26x6 and 26x3 available.
    • Swiftflo Precision Filter Elements

      Swiftflo Precision Filter Elements
      • Excellent filtration characteristics.
      • Low milk flow restriction.
      • Superior sediment retention.
    • Liners

      916SL Liners
      • Reduce slippage.
      • Increase milk yield.
      • Excellent durability.
      • 916S and 916SL available.
      • 916SL newest liners on the market.
    • Rubberwear

      • Made using specially formulated premium rubber material.
      • Resistant to fat deposits, weather & detergents.
    • Vacutech Oil

      Vacutech Oil

      Enhance the performance of the pump, prolong its life and increase reliability.


    What can these products do for me?


    Acid Descaler

    Dairymaster Acid Descaler is an acid cleaner for the removal of calcium and iron deposits which is formulated for optimum cleaning and sterilisation. It is the only acid detergent approved for use with your Swiftflo Milking system as it ensures optimum component lifespan. Available in 30kg and 240kg.

    Liquid Gold

    Dairymaster Liquid Gold is an alkaline and chlorine cleaner for cleaning and sanitising milking parlors. It is the only alkaline detergent approved for use with your Dairymaster milking system as it ensures optimum component lifespan.

    Dairymaster Liquid Gold removes milk, fat and protein deposits. It is important that chemicals used in cleaning your milking installation are compatible with your equipment and at the same time ensure optimum cleaning. Liquid Gold is the obvious choice! Available in 30kg and 240kg.

    ClusterCleanse Liquid

    The Dairymaster ClusterCleanse rinses each cluster after each cow is milked which results in a more hygienic cluster for the next cow. The ClusterCleanse is available for all types of parlor. It is available in conjunction with Dairymaster Automatic Cluster Removers and in conjunction with Dairymaster Weighall Milk Meters. The ClusterCleanse sequence is automatically engaged after the cluster has been removed from the cow. The cluster and the long milk tube are flushed using a combination of water and air. After the cluster is flushed out it is then automatically purged maximising the cleaning effect. This reduces the risk of "cow-to-cow" cross infection and contagious mastitis. Lower SCC means higher milk quality payments and better herd health.

    Normally when a cow that is infected with Staph Aureus bacteria is milked, these bacteria remain in the liner in large quantities and can be spread to subsequent cows. Usually this is controlled by segregating cows with an infection and milking them last.


    With the Dairymaster ClusterCleanse there is no need to replace existing milking clusters or purchase any special liners and it does not affect the milking vacuum level. The Dairymaster ClusterCleanse can also help reduce the spread of Strep. Ag. and Mycoplasma mastitis.

    Dairy Wipes

    For milk producers, good hygiene is very important. Dairymaster's single use paper dairy wipes are an effective tool in maintaining good udder and pre-milking hygiene. By using single use dairy wipes it helps to ensure good cleaning of the udder and teats and it also stimulates milk let-down (oxytocin) which results in shorter machine-on times (higher milking efficiency) and higher peak and average milk flow rates.

    Poor hygiene can result in reduced milk quality payments and an increase in the spread of contagious bacteria in your herd including mastitis. Good premilking hygiene has been proven to reduce the risk of spreading contagious bacteria in the herd and can help to reduce SCC. Cleaning teats results in better quality milk!

    Dairymaster has a range of paper dairy wipes available.

    Filter Socks

    Dairymaster Filter Socks prevent any foreign material from entering the plate cooler through to the milk tank. This ensures optimum efficiency of both the Dairymaster plate cooler and your milk tank. Dairymaster have a unique double stitched filter which ensures that all milk is filtered. Providing filters are changed on a regular basis this ensures that you get the best quality milk.

    They are available in two sizes: 26x3 and 26x6.

    Swiftflo Precision Filter Elements

    High Quality Milk requires High Quality Filter elements!

    The Dairymaster Swiftflo Precision filter element is the result of our continuous research and development and is the ultimate in high performance milk filtration which results in more cost effective milk production. Our Swiftflo Precision filters when used in conjunction with Swiftflo Precision filter elements provide excellent filtration characteristics with low milk flow restriction and superior sediment retention.

    The re-usable filter element is fitted to the Swiftflo Precision filter to ensure optimum milk filtering. In larger installations filters may be combined and the system can be configured so that filter changing during milking is possible.

    The filter prevents any foreign material from entering the plate cooler through to the milk tank. This ensures optimum efficiency of both the Dairymaster plate cooler and your milk tank. Providing filters are changed and sterilised on a regular basis this ensures that you get the best quality milk.



    916S Liners

    Our super soft liners are specially designed and manufactured to ensure high performance with exceptional milking characteristics, low slip levels and excellent durability.

    Changing liners regularly is one of the best investments a person can make on any farm, in order to maintain excellent performance liners should be changed at a max interval of 2000 - 2500 milking's or 180 days, whichever comes sooner.

    916SL Liners - The ultimate high performance liner!

    The choice of material is critical when producing liners. Dairymaster have decades of experience in designing liners, all of which have been rigorously tested in scientific trials. Our current formula is a combination of all the best results. We have created a unique liner to fit ALL cows.

    In our research programme in conjunction with a research facility we have focused on developing a liner with the lowest level of slippage, complete milk out and excellent liner wall movement.

    Continuous testing shows that the 916SL liner outperforms any other liner. Dairymaster customers have experienced milk yield increases of up to 10% when compared to other systems. High yielding cows provide the biggest challenge for modern milking equipment but the advantages of our system are most obvious in these situations.

    The Dairymaster 916SL liner when used in conjunction with our pulsation and clusters has achieved great success for dairy farmers in every continent of the world.


    Dairymaster has a wide range of rubberwear including milk tubes, air tubes and claw tubes. All of Dairymaster's rubberwear is custom made using specially formulated premium rubber material. Our rubber is resistant to fat deposits, weather and detergents and has been designed so that you get the best performance from your Dairymaster parlor and also so that you get the best quality milk. Dairymaster's rubberwear comes in a range of lengths and dimensions for all your needs.


    Dairymaster Vacutech Oil has been specifically formulated to enhance the performance of the pump, prolong its life and increase reliability.

    These are the only consumables approved with your Swiftflo Performance Milking System ensuring optimum cleaning and component life span in your parlor!

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