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    All Swiftflo Parlor Components

    • Swiftflo Commander
      Swiftflo Commander
      • The Swiftflo Commander displays important information such as milk yield, milking time, somatic cell count date on each cow and much more.
    • Auto ID
      Auto ID
      • Pioneered the use of RFID technology.
      • Identifies each individual cow & her requirements.
      • Can be installed in all milking systems.


    • Automatic Cluster Removers

       Extremely accurate & works with:

      • Auto ID.
      • Sound.
      • Appetiser Feeding.
      • ClusterCleanse.
    • Centrifugal Milk Pumps
      Milk Pump
      • Transport milk the way it should be with Dairymaster's unique impeller design.
    • Comfort+ Flooring
      Comfort+ Floor
      • Attaching clusters has never been easier.
      • Milk at your height.
      • And make milking more comfortable.
    • DoubleGuard
      • Encloses milk line & pulsation line.
      • Keep your parlor looking new for longer.
    • Farm Messenger
      Farm Messenger
      • Information at your fingertips...
    • Filters
      • Increased milk quality.
      • Available to suit all parlors & all sizes.
    • JetSaver
      • Smart technology to save you money.
      • It knows when to reduce energy requirements.
    • Liners
      • Lowest slippage levels while maximising milk yields.
      • The liner that makes financial sense.
    • Liquid Level
      Liquid Level
      • Reliable sensing.
      • Better control and reliability of milk pumps.
    • Milk Diversion Line
      Milk Diversion Lines
      • You are in control at the touch of a button.
      • Make milking easier...major labour saving component.
    • Milk Lines
      Vacuum Lines

      Stainless steel therefore:

      • Enhance durability & lifetime.
      • Easily cleaned & sanitised.


    • Milk Manager
      Milk Manager
      • Information you need to succeed...
    • Plate Coolers
      Plate Coolers
      • Enhanced cooling performance to reduce milk temperature quickly after milking.
    • Precision Milk Filters
      Precision Milk Filters
      • Excellent filtration.
      • Superior sediment retention.
      • Low milk flow restriction.
    • Pulsation
      • It mimics the calf - natural milking.
      • It graphs the way it should.
      • Beat with consistency.
      • It does one thing at a time.
    • Receivers
      • Unobstructed air and milk flow to receiver.
      • Clear milk flow visibility.
      • Easily view washing process.
    • Regulators
      • Extremely responsive.
      • Dependable & accurate.
      • Large capacity.
    • Secondary Main Milk Lines
      Diversion Line
      • Automated milk separation to suit different needs.
    • Smart Start
      Smart Start
      • Automatic start of milking unit.
      • Better efficiency.
      • Speeds up milking.
    • Swiftflo Cluster
      Swiftflo Cluster


      • Milk yield.
      • Cow comfort.
      • Milking time.
      • Low vacuum level.
    • Swing Over Arms
      Swing Over Arms
      • Excellent cluster alignment.
      • Maximum control of cluster removal.
      • Better working environment.
    • Turbo Transfer Recording Jars
      Turbo Transfer Recording Jars
      • Rapid milk release.
      • Works with swing over arms & ACR's.
    • Vacuum Lines
      Vacuum Lines
      • Unrivalled durability.
      • Energy efficient.
      • Easily cleaned.
    • Vacuum Performance Unit
      Vacuum Performance Unit
      • Maximum efficiency combined with safety & reliability.
    • Variable Speed Milk Pumping
      • Efficient cooling.
      • Gently transports milk.
      • Use Variflo+ for best quality.
    • VoiceAssist
      Voice Assist
      • The operator is made aware of what is happening during milking.
      • Direct communication between parlor and operator.
    • VSaver
      • Typically 50-80% less energy consumption.
      • Save money & have a quieter milking!
    • Weighall Milk Meters
      Milk Meter
      • Excellent accuracy No estimates!
      • Weighs every drop of milk from the cow to the milk line.
      • Integrated milk sampling.
    • Food Quality Air Purge
      Air Purge
      • Save up to 25 litres of milk everyday!
      • Purified air is pushed through the milk line, emptying the line from milk pump through to milk tank.
    • ClusterCleanse
      • Revolutionary in the fight against mastitis!
      • Scientifically proven.
      • Available with ACR, milk meters or stand alone.
    • AquaJetz
      • The most effective way to sanitise clusters.
      • Works extremely well in conjunction with ACR's.
    • JetStream
      • Most efficient method of washing milk lines.
    • AutoWasher
      • Consistent plant cleaning.
      • Chemicals not handled.


    • Auto Teat Spraying
      Auto Teat Spraying
      • Pre and post spraying your milking herd and eliminate a person being required at the cups off position.
    • Auto Weighing
      Auto Weighing
      • This allows you to feed and draft cattle based on body weight.
    • Air Operated Entry & Exit Gates
      Air Operated Entry & Exit Gates
      • Extremely space efficient & can be operated from the parlor pit.

    Specific Components for Swiftflo Revolver Rotary Parlors

    • Automatic Parking
      Automatic Parking
      • This automatically decides the wash position of the plant.
    • Console
      • Total control of all functions at the press of a button.
    • Cow Motivator
      Cow Motivator
      • Encourages forgetful cows to leave the platform.
    • Cow Retention
      Cow Retention
      • Enables cows to be retained on the platform.
      • Further intelligence where weighall milk meters are installed.
    • Drive Units
      Drive Units
      • Rapid response giving the operator complete control of revolver movements.
    • Gland
      • Choice of gland depending on number of connections.
      • Reduced labour.
      • Increased efficiency.
    • Milk Recording & Sampling
      Milk Recording & Sampling
      • Uninterrupted milking as recording taking place inside rotary table.
      • Carry out milk recording in a safe, clean environment.
    • Platform
      • Designed for your requirements.
      • Better built, robust platform.
      • Better integration with all products.
    • Rotating Wash Boom
      Rotating Wash Boom
      • Easily wash a large area with minimum effort.
      • Dramatically reduces wash time.
    • Secondary Info Centre
      Secondary Info Centre
      • Information in an ideal location especially for milk samplers.
    • Stainless Steel Positioning Arms
      Stainless Steel Positioning Arms
      • Retracts the cluster allowing the cow to easily enter &  exit.
      • Unrestricted flow of milk due to short milk tubes.
    • Stainless Steel Protective Unit
      Stainless Steel Protective Unit
      • Protects your most valuable equipment.
      • Maintain parlor hygiene.
    • Rotary Entrance Gate
      Rotary Entrance Gate
      • Allow each cow her own opportunity and space to enter onto the platform without pushing or shoving from the rest of the herd.
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