Air operated for
    effortless feeding...

    Batch Feeders 1

    Easily adjust
    feed quantities…

    Batch Feeders 2

    Batch Feeders

    • Large capacity

      Batch Feeders Box 1

      The see through hopper has a large capacity of up to 6 litres. Quantity of feed dispensed can be easily adjusted.

    • Easily adjust feed amounts!

      Batch Feeders Box 2

      The filling level of each batch feeder can be easily adjusted.

    • Pneumatic feed valve

      Batch Feeders Box 3

      The pneumatic feed valve allows each feeder to receive the right feed quantity.

    • Suitable for most parlour types

      Batch Feeders Box 4

      This feeder has been designed so that it can be easily installed in most parlour types.

    • Excellent labour saving device

      Batch Feeders Box 5

      The batch feeder has been designed to ensure a long life and very low maintenance.

    • Air operated

      Batch Feeders Box 6

      This is an air operated feeder, this removes the effort of pulling ropes or levers.


    A simple, low cost in parlour feeding system


    Save money and effort...

    The Dairymaster batch feeder is a smart and economical means of feeding cows in the parlour. It has being designed to ensure a long life and requires very little maintenance and cleaning.

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