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    New Milk Tank? – What you need to know and think about

    Milk storage and cooling is a huge part of the dairy farms daily routine. Here we list a few of the innovations design features and technologies that you might want to think about if you’re looking into acquiring a new milk tank.

    Milk Tank Construction

    The basic construction of a modern milk storage tank is a dual-shell wall filled with an insulating material. The inner shell includes one or more evaporator plates in the bottom through which refrigerant or chilled water is circulated. The shape of the inner shell may be circular or elliptical, with elliptical designs providing greater evaporator coverage and hence faster cooling for the first milking. Common forms of insulation used are Rockwool, polyurethane board or injected polyurethane foam.

    Cooling Costs

    Milk cooling is one of the highest energy uses on a dairy farm and can account for up to 40 per cent of the farm’s electricity costs. The easiest way to reduce the cost of cooling milk is to install a plate cooler. A correctly sized and properly functioning plate cooler can reduce the milk temperature to within 2°C or 3°C of the well water temperature, more than halving the electricity cost for cooling.

    Electricity supply units

    While three-phase power is almost universal on continental Europe, much of Ireland is still limited to single phase supply. This limits the realistic capacity of condensing units to approximately 13kW each (i.e. enough to cool 1,000L of milk from 16°C to 4°C in approximately one hour).

    Ice Bank

    Where the cost of upgrading to three-phase supply is prohibitive, an alternative means of providing the required cooling capacity is the use of an ice builder. An ice builder uses a smaller condensing unit, running for a longer time, and builds up a cooling capacity store in the form of a bank of ice. Chilled water is then circulated from the ice bank to the milk tank or alternatively to a plate cooler where the milk is cooled instantly to 4°C.


    Dairymaster has introduced a new range of bulk tanks which offer a feature called Night Mode. This uses control software to increase the level of cooling on the night rate electricity, thus lowering the requirement for day rate cooling. This feature can reduce milk cooling costs by up 8 per cent and has the added benefit of lowering peak blend temperature which occurs in the tank during each milking.

    Condensing Unit

    High efficiency condensing units with large condensers are capable of dealing with the high heat load that occurs when warm milk enters the tank. In addition they allow lower condensing pressures which reduce the work required of the compressor, and hence the cooling costs.

    F-Gas Regulations

    All refrigerants used in the dairy industry contain fluorinated gases which can damage the environment and so are regulated under European legislation. Under the current EU regulations, only qualified personnel may handle refrigerants. All work conducted on the installation, service/maintenance and decommissioning of the condensing units and associated pipe work must be carried out by suitably qualified refrigeration personnel.

    Wash System

    Effective cleaning of bulk milk tanks, as with any piece of equipment, depends on achieving a critical level of cleaning action comprised of four factors: time, temperature, chemical action and mechanical action. Always use the detergents recommended by the tank manufacturer. Accurate detergent concentration for the wash water is critical for optimum cleaning.

    Control System

    GSM modules are now offered as an option or as standard, on many models, allowing the user to interface directly with the tank controls via their mobile phone. With temperature measurement supported by level measurement, some systems offer continuous monitoring, reporting and control. This is achieved through continuous monitoring of the tank contents and its operating status, with the user being alerted via SMS of anything unusual or undesired.

    So there you have it what to think about if you’re thinking about a new Milk Cooling tank and what we here at Dairymaster can offer you.