Pedigree Breeders Rinderzuchtbetrieb Derboven – an extraordinary dairy farm!

    We recently visited the Derboven farm in Germany where they milk 500 high yielding cows in a Dairymaster Swingover milking parlour.
    Since the 1980’s the Derboven dairy farm has earned a national and international reputation for excellent Holstein genetics. Conny Derboven always took a keen interest in breeding superior Holstein genetics. This has been hallmarked by the extensive list of top awards for their pedigree cows.

    For example, cows ‘Lila’ and ‘Lynn’ (from the Lancia EX 94 Family) won the 2015 Reserve Winner Award. The award is for the best of the best across all German cattle shows in any given year. The famous red Holstein sire ‘Faber’ also came from this line. German Holstein genetics has been greatly influenced by the Derboven sires ‘Bonatus’ and ‘Monreal’ and the current representative out of this line ‘Gelinda’, has just won the top award for best heifer at the Schau der Besten Show 2015.

    Conny’s three daughters, Anna-Lena, Dorothee and Cathrin, have inherited his passion for cows and farming and now run this dynamic dairy enterprise together. Have a look behind the scenes in this video to see and hear how these famous German breeders use Irish milking equipment to help achieve their goals.

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    Farm and family photos, including image of Derbovens Champion Lynn VG 88

    If you would like to read more about the Derboven family, visit http://rzbderboven.de/der-hof/.

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